Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Another Thug Rock Flow

Before you read this,note that my shit is copyrighted. So,bite it at your own risk... Gimme those comments,hate or love!!!

The Boogeyman

I terrorize your mental.
The thought of me being good
to you without a catch.
I lurk in your heart's shadows
Waiting to pounce
With love and affection
When I attack,I maul you
With the treatment like the queen
That is you
The mere thought of what I
Bring to the table,is everything you want
But also all that you fear
For it's the real monsters
That instilled this fear in you
When they wore the Pretender's Mask
Yet,while you challenged and battled them,
It is I you hesitate to engage
"No strings or drama" is my primal roar
The simplicity of it scares the hell out of you


  1. I like this...I feel u trying to let her know thats it's safe to let her guard down... :)I like the way you used the monster as a symbol of "good things" I worte a song once called Foreign Language..that perfectly captures what it feels like to experience what you're talking bout the hook goes....

    It's like i'm learning a foreign language
    this love things got me going through changes
    and it's an unfamiliar beautiful thing
    I've been awakened by your love.

    U feel me ? lol

  2. I got you! Thanks so much for commenting. I wrote this because it amazes me how much women tend to shy away from the "good brother" because they think he's "too good to be true." Our world is JACKED when a good man scares you...