Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Early poem

Here's a selection I wanted to share with y'all. Let me know what ya think...

Scared Sheep-less,somebody tell me when it became out of style to have a mind of your own.
We clown someone who doesn't wear the same shirt we wear.
Someone who doesn't use the "phrase of the day."

Someone who ain't rockin' the sneakers that the MC on his 14th minute might be wearing.
Hey,maybe if the right person proclaims it to be "hot,"one of us will rock the throwback to end all throwbacks-a wooly mammoth fur wife-beater,complete with wooden club.

You know,just in case simply being me ain't good enough for you ladies. A brotha gotta do what he gotta do. Then again,I'll just tell you it cost $400,and all is right with the world.

Our ancestors were warriors when they got snatched up. So,how have we mutated into sheep,afraid to be individuals? Ain't evolution supposed to be an advancement?

Sorry,I'mma go be me. The mall is having a killer sale. Buy a tag with somebody's name on it,and get your choice of a shirt,pants or shoes FREE!!!

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