Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Epitome Of A Chickenhead

I'm just coming from a night out. I was pretty much confounded,the whole time I was at the venue. I recently ran into a woman I used to date at this place. So,she's recently started hanging out there. That's fine. The first time I ran into her,we were cordial,exchanging hugs and "how ya been's." I offered her a drink. She said she didn't drink anymore,she's been saved. Still cool. The venue closes. She says,"Don't you wanna feed a sista?" Once again,cool. I hadn't seen her in a while,why not?

Fast forward to tonight... I get in the place,giving daps and hugs to the people I'm cool with. I see her. Hugs again. 2 damn seconds later..."Don't you wanna buy me some mushrooms?" Now this place has some bangin' fried mushrooms. I don't blame her for having the taste for them. But,I got irritated because I remembered why I stopped seeing this chick. She NEVER has any money,and she's always beggin'.

I know that a lot of women subscribe to the theory that the man should always pay. But,let a nigga offer first! This is a bummin' ass chick. I see she's still doin' it. She drives a different car damn near everytime I see her,always asking guys to pay for her pool games. I'm tellin' y'all,Ladies...this woman is settin' y'all back about 50 years.

"All my women who independent...throw ya hands up at me!"

I may be wrong,but then again...



  1. This woman is setting her self back. I’m straight!

    #1 As a woman it's embarrassing to ask for anyone to pay for my games, which is of course small change.

    #2 You are not a woman if you can't provide the basic necessities for yourself.

    #3 Don't ask a man for anything; You DON’T want to be with the ones that wont offer nor do you want to be with the ones that can't provide. How will you ever know when your hand is constantly out!

  2. One thing I learned: always have enough money on you to pay your way regardless of who asked who out. You can't assume the other person is going to want to pay for you and as you said at least give a cat the opportunity say "no I've got it, or I'll get that" instead of just flat out saying "will you get this for me?".

    I'm not above going dutch or paying sometimes but in your situation you just ran into a chick. How are you gonna just roll up on a cat and say 'buy me some food?' If you were a ghetto fab cat you could have said 'if I buy you something to eat and I gonna get some ass later?'. Wouldn't have been the gentlemanly thing to say but it makes just as much sense as a chick you haven't seen in a minute just popping up on you and asking some ridiculousness like that. Just saying...