Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Invasion Of The Knuckleheads

It's amazing what can inspire me to blog. But, I see things and they hit me a certain way.
I used to like to go out to clubs every once in a while. Even when I was in my 20's, I tended to gravitate toward the "grown folks" clubs. It seems like those establishments are on the endangered list. More and more, especially here in the Hampton Roads area, the places that were geared toward keeping the "knucklehead element" out to reduce the possibility of violence have reversed field to cater to exactly that. The philosophy was, young cats prone to "wildin' out" would be less inclined to frequent these clubs, if they had to dress to impress.

The place I went to last week, was such a club. I know it used to be 25 and up to get in. The dress code on Thursdays was always relaxed, but not to the point where you could rock t-shirts, baseball hats and doo-rags. Nothing wrong with those items. I rock hats and t-shirts on the regular. Just not when it's time to be grown and sexy. Not to mention the overall vibe in the place. Maybe, it IS me...I just felt overdressed. The fact that this area does not have its own identity is another blog in itself. When they played Snap or Crunk, everybody was "from ATL." When they played West Coast, all of a sudden, they were all Snoop. Don't get me started... Most people here want to be from somewhere else.

Anyway, when I used to go to this particular club, a short hip-hop set would get the DJ looked at funny. I love hip-hop. I was raised on it in NJ. But, I liked knowing there was a place I could go to "get my grown man on." These places now don't even play slow jams anymore. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that was the best part of going out. Lemme set the mood... You'd go out, have your eye on somebody, maybe dance on a couple of fast joints with them. The beat fades out, you'd look at each other, hoping that the other person wouldn't leave the floor just yet, (insert your favorite slow jam here) You'd two-step into a grind, and it was on, and y'all know what I mean.

You just don't get that anymore. I guess it's not "cool" anymore, because you don't see it in music videos. Ah,well...I guess those club owners gotta do what's best for their business. Whatever makes money. Maybe somebody will retain the testicular fortitude (read: balls) to stay true to what made clubbing popular in the first place.

Thanks to Ebony Queen Of VA and her crew for saving the night from being a total washout. Maybe I'll go back to the concept of house parties with the blue light in the basement...

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