Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Love On The Clock

This came from the question from a friend...

This blog, we are visiting the question of getting romantically involved with a co-worker. Good or bad? Here's my take on it...

I personally am of the mind that one should not get involved with a co-worker. As with all relationships, there are risks involved. But, I think there is a little more at stake, when you deal in a workplace romance. Don't get me wrong. The types of relationships people scoff at the most have worked out. But, one has to consider the ramifications of such an affair.
In my opinion, the worker-to-worker relationship has the best chance of surviving. I feel it's because both parties involved are on the same level, they can relate and commiserate on the same issues. If it goes bad, more often than not, it's simply due to the fact that they are not compatible on a personal level. But, then again, they are subject to the gossip that accompanies a relationship seen by their peers.

Then we have the manager-employee relationship. This one is a REALLY sensitive deal. Everything is magnified. Speculation about favoritism is often rampant. It tends to compromise the manager as a leader. As a supervisor at my job, I could never enter into a relationship with one of the associates working directly under me. My biggest concern is that, if I ever had to hold them accountable for any reason, it would have a dentrimental effect on the relationship. Secondly, the associate could appeal the accountability by maintaining that I only wrote them up because we were in an affair, and that it was personal. To me, there are "too many fish in the sea" to open up that can of worms.

Personally, I don't want someone to have that much access to me. Give me a chance to miss you. If we're in a relationship, then we likely spend a lot of time together outside of the workplace. I'm all for being with my baby a lot of the time, but not all day, every day. Moka has her own job, which she does very well. I have mine. She doesn't have to see me talking to a female associate and wonder if something is going on. By the same token, I'm not at all worried about her, mainly since she works with all women. But, we have the trust anyway.
I almost forgot the manager-manager relationship. It can work, but, you have variables here, as well. Ambition can be an issue. Also, in some cases, there can be a battle over who is the "alpha dog" in the relationship.

Like I said, there are risks when entering any type of relationship. We are all pretty much on the "honor system." It's like going to a restaurant. We assume that nobody has spit in our food, but are we really sure?

What do you think? Bring the comments! You know how I feel...


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