Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My People..smh

I was shopping for some sneakers today. The spot I went to is in what you might call "the ghetto." So,I go to the counter to pay,and in comes this loud female. She is LOUDLY bad-mouthing the merchandise she's looking at. This loud young lady then asks the price of something she apparently is interested in. The shopkeeper answers her,to which she loudly replied,"SHEEEIT!"

Now,one would think this loud woman had no inclination to buy anything from this store. But...WAIT! All of a sudden,she sees the Air Force 1's with the clear toes. Now all is good in her eyes. Somebody,please tell "ghetto" is this?

Why is it that just about any other race doesn't get embarrassed by such buffoonery? This is just another example of the "cooning" we do on an everyday basis. Furthermore,how come it is only the unattractive women who have to be so loud? Wait,I know the answer to that one. They would not get attention in any other circumstance. My question is,what man do these loud,obnoxious heffas think would say "Ooh,she's ugly AND loud. I wanna wake up with THAT for the rest of my life."

Sistas,I love you to death. It truly pains me to see such behavior in my queens. Even the most unattractive person can be attractive,if they carry themselves the right way. Be yourself,but turn it down a little. Do that,and there will be no more celebrations of ignorance like


  1. Luv it...Some feel it's better to be heard then seen. I wish I had a dollar for every "sheeeit" I've heard. If you can't afford it stay your your silly BAMA ass at home!

    Rina aka THEREAL

  2. I feel you on this one. This is something that no other culture can even remotely understand. I wish I knew why some of us need to be loud to get attention. I know I get loud at times however I know how to turn on my 'soothing non regional, ebonic free, please don't scare the non-negros' voice if I need to handle business in public.

    I guess some people feel if they act enough of a fool they will get whatever they want just to get them to shut up and sadly, this is very true.