Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Poetry: "Rehab"

Yes, I write poetry from time to time. I gotta be inspired though, so it's rare.

I think I've hit rock bottom.
The moment of clarity that comes when you acknowledge an addiction
I'm stuck on this chemical I can't tear myself away from.
Like Ol' Pookie,"It just keeps callin' me."
And like the addict,I come a-runnin'
I smoke of you,snort of you,and shoot you into my veins so that you may flow quickly through my bloodstream to my heart
and intoxicate my brain,until I am incoherent with emotion and lust
God,I'm high!
I need help before I lose myself in this addiction
For this drug,I would give up my possessions and wander without aim downtown...fiendin'
Fiendin' for one more hit
A megablast of that which puts me on the highest high.
Scotty ain't got shit on this,beam me up,love
There's no help for me
I'm a lifelong addict,fuck 12 steps...
I can't even take one without my fix.
Wanna get high with me?

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