Sunday, June 14, 2009

Process Of Unnatural Selection

"I'm not a materialistic, clothes & flashy things dont excite me...The most important thing about a person is their personality."-Shaundrie, on Twitter, 6.14.09

In this age of social networking, the keen of eye will notice trends. The great part about it is, these trends reflect society outside of "the matrix."

One thing that intrigues, but also sometimes bothers me, is the preference factor. What do we look for, when choosing a potential mate? I gotta tell you...some of the shit I hear and see is utterly disturbing. Ladies, you may be feeling like this is an indictment on you...It is!

I won't generalize all of you together. That wouldn't be fair, or smart. But, we can break it down, a little...

First, we have the groupies. You don't have to want to bang a celebrity to be labeled a groupie. If you fuck someone because you think that person has status in your area, then you think fucking that person will improve YOUR status, you are a groupie. You have the lowest of self-esteem, and you should seek counseling ASAP.

Next up, is the golddigger. She seeks out only the "ballers and shot-callers." Sound business decision, many times do you really see this work out? At some point, most of the golddigers tip their hand. Why, because she's not feeling this cat, and after a while, she questions whether it's worth it to stay with him, or go find another one. So she forgets the little things, that tell us, as men that you care about us. She then is relegated to telling her girls stories, while sitting on the stoop of her low-income housing, how she "used to roll." A lot of them end up assed-out, in that fashion.

Now, I will be the first to admit that, we, as men, are very base creatures. But you really think a fat ass and some large breasts will distract us from your intentions? You are sooo mistaken, and on the borderline of playing yourselves, if you believe that. The golddigger's victims KNOW she's there for the money. The "vic" deals with it, because of a couple of reasons. 1) His self-esteem leads him to believe that money is all he can offer, to attract a woman of a certain magnitude. 2) That woman will elevate his status, if they become a "power couple."

I, personally, don't give any concrete indicators of how much I make, when I meet a sistah. I am a regular guy, with a regular job. I like it, because I really never need to be concerned if she's riding with me, because she has something, besides love and an AESTHETICALLY enriched life, to gain from it. And trust, I have had some beautiful women, inside AND out, in my life. These ladies didn't care that I'm light-skinned, or don't drive a Lexus, or have a need to live beyond my means to impress them. I guess I've been blessed in that sense. I've seen cats crumble and wither, under that kind of pressure.

We men, know there are a lot of "Shaundries" out there. They can't let the others block their way from finding and growing, as people, with the great black men we were always meant to be.

Groupies and golddiggers, you can win too. But, you gotta put in the work. Flatbacking for cheese and status is a short-term fix for your ego and your pockets. But, like T.I. says in "Why You Wanna,"..."Is ya happy?"

It may not be politically correct, but...



  1. i really enjoyed this post.
    chicks now only live in the moment and dont look at the big picture. no matter what the career of a man, they still look at everything they have. bitch its not yours so dont worry about what he aquired before he even met you. focus on HIM and whats going on in his MENTAL. he could be another o.j attention chicks.

  2. My world is sooo different from yours. I totally don't see it anymore. When I was younger I had females ask me why my nails weren't done, and why I wasn't sporting Louis Vuitton. I was newly divorced, a single mom, active duty & had a streak of integrity. They explained how they didn't pay for anything and how I could do it too. It grossed me out. They were kept prostitutes. Not me not ever...

  3. Thanks, Iyuana and Char! Two different, yet similar takes on the matter. I'm glad the ladies chimed in on this one.