Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I know, I know... You're gonna argue with me on this. Some of you will say, "No, Thug Rocker. It's like that where I live!" Yes, I realize that bad drivers are everywhere. But, I don't think it's just me who feels like the Norfolk/ Va. Beach area of Virginia is where a lot of them are infesting our roads.

People often wonder why road rage incidents occur. As a person who has been driving cars since I was 11, and has driven in all regions of the country, and parts of Canada, I've pretty much seen it all. Yet, I still find it hard to believe that so many people drive so badly. So, I have decided to give back to the community, and educate people. If you are reading this, but you're not a bad driver, please pass this on to someone you know that may not be as skillful behind the wheel.

First, I know a lot of you are upstanding, law-abiding citizens who know you shouldn't drive faster than the posted speed limit. That's what the right-hand lane on the freeway is for. If you are one of those whose rule of thumb is to drive 5 mph under the limit to ensure you don't get a ticket, that's fine. But, if you're in the left lane and you have 20 cars strung out behind you, and everybody's having to repeatedly brake-check, it would probably be a good idea to MOVE THE HELL OVER! They say "speed kills," but lack thereof at the wrong time is what causes more of the accidents out there. Somebody tries a move they wouldn't normally try, due to being frustrated at being stuck behind your no-driving ass.

Has this ever happened to you? You're cruising along on a relatively uncrowded interstate. For no good reason at all, some idiot dives in front of you, barely missing your front bumper. The galling part is, there's NOBODY behind you! This stupid, random act leaves you baffled. This fool couldn't wait 2 seconds for you to get past him?

Here's one that really mystifies me. The driver in front of you is once again driving too damned slow. You may or may not be tailgating them. They hit their brakes in an attempt to tell you to "back off." How stupid is this? They don't know if you, for a split-second may be changing the music, or lighting a cigarette, or simply don't have the reflex to react to it and BANG! Rear-end collision that didn't have to happen.

Here's how, after years of seeing this crap, I have never been in a stupid accident. Don't get me wrong. Accidents are going to happen. I have been involved in a couple. But, I'm talking about accidents as a result of stupidity. When my dad was teaching me how to drive, he said one thing that has always stuck with me. He said, "Visualize the dumbest thing that other drivers can do, and 7 times out of 10, it'll happen." I guess the remaining 3 times account for people that can drive. I live by this rule, when I drive.

It also seems like a lot of Virginia drivers take it personally when you attempt to pass them. They will actually speed up to try to prevent it! What is it that makes them afraid you will get somewhere before they do?

I drive fast, but safe. I don't take stupid chances, or go for unnecessary moves. This is why I stay accident-free. It's not all the drivers' fault. There's too damn many cars on the road. Anyone can get a car with $200 and light bill. That's another blog though.

Stay safe out there and don't snatch anybody out of their car, as much as you or I may want to. Let's hear some of your scary road stories, or opinions on what I have written here. It ain't always right, but...


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