Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Scared Ass Nukkas...

Older MySpace blog post

I don't get it. I freely admit that everybody's logic ain't like mine. But,I have found through experience that people respect you more if you "keep it funky." This means be yourself,no matter who tries to hate on it. Black folks like to down each other. It's like a pastime for us. These so called hard-heads give other black folks shit for listening to music that belonged to us in the first place. Open your small minds!

First of all,why do YOU care what I'M listening to? Secondly,you'd think people would get tired of the same cookie-cutter bullshit. I'm talkin about all the "lean wit it,rock wit its,"the same old shit about Bentleys,my nine or Desert Eagle,and last,but damn sure not least,that annoying ass Miami bass sound. This is why Gnarls Barkley is hot. It's different. These cats went out on a limb and didn't really care about appealing to the mindless masses. Wicked Wisdom is the same. This is a rock band with all members being people of color. Why shouldn't we support them the way we support any other brother or sister that is breaking color lines? They ARE Tiger Woods. They ARE the Williams sisters. Donovan McNabb,Doug Williams,Jackie Robinson,Althea Gibson. All these are people who have been told they shouldn't be able to do what they do...and refused to believe that bullshit! Not only that,they did it better than the people who were "supposed" to be good at it. Let's have some open minds,people. Versatility is a gift,not a curse. It opens more doors for you. It's not "selling out." Selling out is leaving who you really are behind to cater to something or someone. Versatility is letting all facets of you be seen. I can't understand why anyone would want to suppress any part of themselves out of fear of what others will think or say. But then...

That's MY logic...


  1. Loved this post. I get alot of flack because of the music I listen to. I've never been like everyone else, liking artists because their the hot new gimmick to hit a mixtape. I say I love Gnarls Barkley *I get the doo doo look* I say I love Adele and people ask who the hell is that. People need to broaden their horizon's and maybe they will realize there are other folks other than Lil Wayne corrupting songs with auto tune. Be yourself, be different. If your like everyone else, your noone special.

  2. it's a hard question for me when people ask what kind of music i listen to. i have a favorite in just about every genre imaginable. i can't understand people who only listen to one style of music and leave all the other ear candy on the table. i love my varied taste in music and would never give it up for fear of someone's ridicule.

  3. There was a sayin I read a few years ago I forgot who said it and their exact wording but it basically said I woud rather be myself and be disliked by others that to be fake and dislike myself" the only person you HAVE tpo face evry day for the rest of your life is u, so why worry about people who have no impact on you or your life?

  4. You guys are the F*CKIN' BEST! It's all about how YOU feel about YOU!