Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Twitter Rant!

OK...I've been on Twitter for a few months now. I got a pretty good idea how this internet community thing goes. I've been doin' it for 7 years now, off and on. I just wanna break down my take on things. Might get a little controversial and hit some people close to home. With that said, I am prepared for any consequences and repercussions.

First, let me say that the "Follow Me" obsessions are really kinda stupid. I could care less how many people follow me. As long as we're communicating in SOME form, on a regular basis,I consider you a friend.

Second, if you have nothing but celebrities in your list, yet none have ever tweeted impressed do you think we are??? You really need to re-evaluate your priorities. Think some real-life friends could feel disrespected?

Fellas,you're killin' me. Same shit over and over. Either you got a pic of your bare torso, or your bare hands, holding a stack of bills. On that, I'll say if you throw out corn, you attract the chickens. Feel me? The "what's good, Ma" is REALLY played out. Women don't wanna hear that shit. They never did. Only reason it worked sometime, is because there was a redeeming quality about your stupid ass that enabled them to see past that and hope you grow out of it.

Ladies, you don't get off the hook that easy. Please get some originality. If I see one more page with an Apple Bottoms or Louis Vuitton background, I might drop-kick my PC out of a window! Being here for networking and friends ONLY, is fine. But, be just that. Tweet people back,when they hit you up. "I don't have time to answer everyone" is not an acceptable excuse. Your ass found time to create your account. Your ass found time to hook up your page. So, your ass needs to find time to return love shown to you. Hell, just comment with a simple "hi" or one of these -------> ;0). It takes 2 seconds...

Back to you, "men." Locking your updates, is one of the biggest BITCH moves you can pull on here. What is it that you're afraid of? This is the internet. It's just not that serious. Simply by the football team I like, I get hated on almost everyday! It's all good fun. Your REAL friends will be able to tell the difference between jealousy and some dumb shit you ACTUALLY did. Even if you did some dumb shit, your friends will laugh, but they got your back. Besides, when you get haterish tweets, you can always block them then. Or, better yet, IGNORE THEM! Ladies, this does not apply to you. I know y'all tend to be more image-conscious. Katt Williams said, and I paraphrase, "If you get hated on, keep doin' the shit you do, 'cause you're doin' somethin' right!"

This brings me to the caucasian element. I like the fact that you admire the black lifestyle and culture. It's cool with me that you have even assimilated our vernacular. But, you KNOW the rules! There is the one word that should never come from you, uttered from your lips, OR typed on anyone's page. That magic N-word... And for God's sake, please stop calling yourselves, or situations "ghetto." Precious few of you know shit about what's ghetto, besides what you hear on "106th & Park" or "Def Comedy Jam." So, stop it. You only come off like B-Rad, from "Malibu's Most Wanted."

I know a lot of this, if not all will fall on deaf ears. But, if one person re-evaluates the way they approach this net-thing, and it makes someone's experience better, my job is done. If not, we will just continue to clown these idiots that are attempting to become "Twitter-famous."

Then again...


  1. I've only been on Twitter about three months myself, but I agree with most of the logic you've presented here. People's obsessions with trying to get people to follow them is almost as bad as people trying to gain a million friends on myspace. I've even seen some cats posting links that claims to get you 100 followers a day. I'm not interested. Someone tweeted the other day that it is the quality of your followers not the quantity that matters. I definitely agree with that statement . . . As far as protecting your updates, I can't know men or women for doing that. When I first joined my updates were wide open. I'm one of the people in the world who will google myself from time to time. One particular day I did that and low and behold my updates appeared. Because of that, I sometimes censored myself. Then I decided to make my updates private (I plan to run for office some day, lol). Seriously though, I feel more comfortable with saying whatever I feel, when I feel. All in all I think Twitter is going ham (just messing with you, lol) when used correctly.