Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Twitter Rants 2-Fuckery On Trial

Fuckery: (fuk-er-e) Foolery, stupidity, shadiness

If you are reading this, more than likely, you have a Twitter account. When dealing with a social networking site, the content pretty much reflects real life, inasmuch as attitudes and interaction goes. Most of what you see from people (including myself) is their real personality, maybe turned up, a bit.

I will have over 600 followers on Twitter, by day's end. I would guess that 97% of them are real people. Fortunately, I interact, or at least make attempts to interact with most. That said, I'm going to share what I feel sucks about Twitter, as well as the correlation to real life.

I was a little rough on the ladies in my last post, so I'll start with the guys. Fellas, I know "the code", but I gotta put some of you out there. You thirsty (read: horny) acting, grown-ass men that try to fuck everything tweeting, need to self-evaluate. If I was a chick, the question I would be asking myself when you hit me with your so-called "game" would be: what the hell is wrong with you, that you don't have, or can't get a woman, in the vicinity of where you live? Don't get me wrong. If you meet someone by happenstance, on Twitter, or anywhere else on the net, good luck to you. But these cats come on specifically for the purpose of trolling for the cooch. You guys make it tough for cats, like me, who basically just are in it for the interesting interaction and entertainment aspect of it. Take your asses to, or some shit!

The second type of fool, is the male groupie. This is the cat that only tweets at the female celebrities and porn chicks. Now, I'll admit, I follow some celebs and even a few porn stars. It's because of what they tweet, as well as who they are. I'm fortunate enough that most of them I tweet to, reply back. Why? Because, I tweet to the person, and not the "star." I don't talk to porn stars about fucking. That would be like you talking to me about my job, when I'm off and trying to relax. I'll compliment a celeb on their work, initially. They've put in the work and earned that respect. After that, I talk to them like I talk to anybody else. Profane, insane, and sometimes ignant. In plain language, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO GET WITH A CELEB OR PORN STAR!

Now, it's the ladies' turn... I hate to do this, because it's going to seem like I have an ax to grind with the sistas. I really don't. I love y'all with everything in me. Some of you just have to do better. Call it "upliftment." (Did I make up a word?) I love the way sistas walk, talk, have that figure that only sistas have. *stands at the top of a mountain, and yells* YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL!!!

But, as much beauty as I find in you, sometimes I find ugliness. Not physical, but on the inside. I know it's not all your fault. I also know that we men are responsible for a lot of it. But, you have a responsibility to be stronger than you are. Because us men tend to *FAIL* on a regular basis, you have to be that strong influence for these children. That's another blog, though.

What I'm trying to say is, if I simply say "Good Morning" or "How you doin'" to you, what in the blue hell is so torturing to your soul about speaking back. It doesn't mean I'll think you want to drop panties, if you say "Hey." In life, you can walk away if someone bothers you. Online, just about every social networking site has a "block/delete" feature for any over-persistent stalker-types. That is some rude shit, and you really need to take your ass off your shoulders. Please get over yourselves. There is NO excuse for not exercising common courtesy. Hell, you could be missing out on great friendships. Go on Twitter, and ask my female followers about me. Most will tell you that I'm cool as hell.

This is why I have acquired 600 followers in 3 months, and the number is growing exponentially. I'm not a celebrity, pro athlete, or half-naked male model. I give no indicators if I'm rich, or not. And I don't fool myself into thinking I'm the finest brother in the world. I'm a normal cat, with normal thoughts. The numbers don't mean shit to me. I could have 5 followers, as long as I have that interaction with them, I'm good.

You brothers and sistas need to really rethink how you are treating each other. If one or two Tweeters even think about what I'm saying and change their approach, then the time spent writing this rant was well spent. I'm done.

You may not agree, but...


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