Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cyber-Thuggin'...for WHAT???

It's no secret that this blog caters mainly to those with a Twitter account. Unless some of y'all have told others about it, Twitterers are the main ones who read my rantings. That's cool, because I value you guys as readers, and I value your feedback. So, what I post here comes as no surprise to you.

As you all know, a popular sport on Twitter is called "going in" on people. This consists of "clowning", or ridiculing another person. More often than not, this is done in a mean-spirited fashion. There are people who do this all day, EVERY day. What I need to understand is, what the objective is behind this. I'm asking, "What is your objective, as a result of choosing someone at random, and picking a virtual fight?" Someone, please help me with this...

I can think of a few theories as to the motivation of these "net bangers" or "cyber-thugs."

1. These people have been victimized, on the net, or in real life. They are determined that "nobody is gonna EVER mess with me again." My reply to this: Get your self-esteem weight up, son. Making others' internet experience miserable is STILL not going to improve the quality of your life. You have to do that for the real world.

2. They think that somehow, they're going to be "famous." I don't know of one celebrity that has gotten their foot in the door from sitting at a keyboard and taking shots, gossip bloggers notwithstanding. Even they do legwork and lots of research/fact-checking. So keep waiting for that Hollywood knock at your door...just don't hold your breath while waiting.

3. They simply have nothing else to offer. They don't know about anything relevant. They may be incapable of stimulating conversation. This is how they avoid being the virtual "wallflower." In my experience (coming up on 10 years) online, most of the people I've come across are very well-rounded. They can bring the funny AND flip it with a highly intellectual discussion. The "bangers" don't feel they are on that level. Hell, most of them can't spell worth a damn.

So, net-Bloods, net-Crips, or whatever net-set you're claiming...we see what it is with you. I see what it is. I've seen your weaknesses. You are just like the people you victimize. You're just like the majority of people online. You're creating an image, a persona. But, it's like any sport. There is always someone out there hungry for "the title." They're angrier, funnier, and just plain BETTER than you at net-banging.

It's only a matter of time before you take that huge "L." It happens to all of them. I just hope your ego can recover, when it happens...

Real talk, you hear these stories about people committing suicide after being "bullied" online. I pray that we won't need to have a "moment of tweet silence" for someone, all because you had to be the "King", "Queen", or "Champion" online.

Make sure you send me a pic of the check and/or the trophy you get for what you do...

"Go in" on me, if you must. Bring a lunch. It's gonna be a long day. You gotta bring ass to get ass... *Deuces*

Once again...



  1. Brilliant Title for this love it for real I do. And I enjoyed reading it and the song to follow it was tight. Peace

  2. All valid points, however may I add #4: They don't have shit else going on in their lives. People who have real life responsibilities generally don't have a whole lot of time for Internet beefs/battles/gangwars. I've always felt the net is full of attention whores. To some, all attention, positive or negative, equals good attention even if they end up looking as dumb as Mike Tyson.