Sunday, August 9, 2009


Now, y'all know I never, EVER post on the weekends. But, today warrants such a momentous occasion. I'm a supervisor at a retail distribution center. I was out sick yesterday. So, I go back today and realize I may be able to skate out early. Good start, right?

It turned sour in a hurry...

We have a meeting with our people, every morning, to give out the assignments, read off safety numbers, and any other pertinent info that our people can use. Usually, this goes off without a hitch, with me even injecting a little humor. Y'all know how I am.

Today, was VERY different. I was just about to part my lips to say, "Let's have a safe & productive day!", when one of my associates says loudly and sharply, "Can we go 'head and stretch, so I can get to work???" You think I went off? You do. It's OK, you've seen my rants on Twitter. But, no. I kept my cool, until after we stretched.

I approached the offender, discreetly to tell him I needed to see him for a sidebar discussion, as I knew something was going on with him. He's a great worker, so I was just gonna let him know that he could confide in me, if indeed he had a problem. As I approach, he gets loud AGAIN! "Can I talk to my dude, here? Back up off me!" REALLY!? Mind you, MY boss is standing no more than 15 feet away. Great support there, Boss... I've been in leadership positions most of my life, even as a kid. So, being the unflappable quarterback, again...I stayed calm and let him finish his little convo, while giving him the "you know it's about to go down, don't you" look.

I pull him to the side, and ask, "What's goin' on with you, brah? You're out of your character and in your feelings. This ain't you." He tells me he was "just ready to get to work" and didn't feel like all the info distributed, wasn't necessary. I told him it's not just for him, and that going forward, he's going to have problems, if he's going to act like that. I gave him more than a fair shot, right? So, he half-heartedly says he understands, and I turn him loose to go on about his work.

An hour later, I start to notice that 3 different times, this cat is stopped, talking to other associates. I approach again, and tell him, "Dude, I understood what you were saying about wanting to get to work. What I need you to help me understand is, how you gone get it done, when every time I look up, you're chillin'?" "I'm just talkin'. We all do a little bit of talkin'." Understandable. I don't crack the whip, like that. Usually, I don't have to. I got a great crew. Arguably, the best in the building. I reply, "You were the one that wanted so bad to get your work done that you felt like you had to be disrespectful. Remember, you ain't for all that talking..." Now, I probably shouldn't have said that, and just went on and hit him with paperwork. I know that's what a lot of you will say. But, even though my gears were grinding, something inside told me that wasn't going to solve the issue.

I go to lunch, so I can breathe and get right. Otherwise, we likely both lose our jobs today. In a recession, that wouldn't be a good look. I'm sitting outside, so I can vent, via Twitter. Dude walks up on me, and I continue tweeting. He says, "Man, I just wanna apologize. I know what I said was disrespectful. I got some things going on at home."

Me: "I accept that and appreciate the fact that you stepped to me, like a man, and accepted your responsibility in the matter." I continue tweeting.

Him: "I don't blame you, if you write me up."

Me: "Hey, you gotta eat that one, brah. You still good with me."

I don't know why, but a lot of cats wanted to talk slick today. I had to handle another supervisor, in a meeting. I tried to help this fool. I'll tell y'all about that one tomorrow, or Tuesday...

By the way, notice I kept the same song for this one...

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  1. Sounds like the things you can go through at work there is always that one or group that has to get smart. that just has to ruffle someones day. But Love this post can relate