Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Night Out- a tale of erotica

Not even when you came out of your bedroom, in your new, sexy outfit, did I have thoughts of what would eventually go down. Sure, the silk sat on your curves, only the curves of a "sista." Of course, I had to be impressively handsome for you, in my silk button-down and crisp jeans. As we had dinner, I noticed how smoky your eyes were done, and how perfect your silky, black hair was laying on your shoulders. It framed your face like it was a Picasso. I tried, really tried not to let you catch me staring at your lips. But, they were full, smooth, and glowing from your expertly applied gloss. Thank goodness, we finished eating...

I'm glad you understood that I don't really like clubs. I knew you might dig this jazz lounge we were going to. As we drove, my peripheral caught a glimpse of thigh, peeking out from the slit in your dress. You didn't know, but that's why I concentrated on keeping my eyes on the road.

As we had drinks at our table, you laughed at my bad jokes, while I got lost in your smile and those cocoa brown eyes. I hung on your every word, if only because your voice was music to me...better than the works of Dizzy, Bird, and Marsalis wafting through the smoke and noise. All of those were rendered irrelevant by your presence.

I stood, and extended my hand. You gave me the sexiest, knowing smile I had seen in my life. The way your fingers interlocked with mine, gave me a clue that this may not be the typical dance. I made sure I didn't hold you too close at first, for fear of being too forward. But, as the horns and strings and keys caressed our ears and our spirits, we gravitated. You fit so well, as we pressed against each other. I'm sure you felt "me." Why did you have to wear a backless dress? Running my hand over the smooth skin almost got me high...

I barely noticed that the song was over. I looked in your eyes again, and my knees almost buckled from they way they looked at me. We danced more, and I was becoming addicted to having my arms around you. From the way you laid your head on my chest, it seemed you could get used to it, as well. I don't think we broke contact too much, the rest of the time...

Being the gentleman, I get you home at a decent hour. After saying our salutations, the awkward moment was upon us: the "goodnight kiss." wasn't awkward for us. Strangely, it felt very right. A peck on the lips quickly evolved into a deep, passionate wet union of our mouths. You pulled me into you so tight, as if we were going to melt into each other. I held you just as tight, as if this would be the last time I ever saw you. The feeling of your curves in my hands, and your heaving breasts pressing against me, put me in almost a frenzy!

We stumble inside the door, still holding onto each other for dear life, while tasting each other's lips, necks, and earlobes. You had a little trouble unbuttoning my shirt. So, me being the gentleman, I helped you rip it open. As I heard the "click-clack" of the buttons hitting the floor, I peeled your dress off your shoulders, and slid it down to the floor, making stops to taste your breasts, stomach and thighs, on the way down.

We were still somewhat sweaty from all the dancing. But, you still smelled so sweet. On the way back up, after you stepped out the pile that was your dress, my arms coiled around your thighs like pythons. I lifted you, and you wrapped your legs around my waist, while we kissed a primal, savage kiss. I laid you on the bed, and traced a map, between those round, firm breasts, down the middle of your stomach, and made a slight detour to enjoy the taste of your inner thigh. I then kissed and nibbled my way back up, and felt the humid heat of your womanhood against my face.

I savored the taste of you, exploring every fold and crevice, with my tongue. Your sweet-sounding gasps, and the arch in your back told me where I should focus on. And I did. My only goal in life, at that moment...was pleasing you. Your breathing got more shallow, as your hand gripped the top of my head. I could feel the tips of your nails as you struggled not to dig them into my scalp. All of a sudden my hearing was muffled. The squeezing of your thighs was so, that my ears were covered.

I felt your hands pull up on my shoulders. I didn't catch it at first. But, your whispers of "Please" let me know what to do. I kissed my way back up your moist body, and my manhood got a touch of your now-hot softness. I let the swollen head lay on your pearl and outer lips for a few seconds, feeling the slick wetness. But, not too long, for teasing you would be torturing myself.

We both let out a gasp and a moan, as I entered you. Slowly, and with care, I stroked in and out, while your hips reciprocated, in kind. We were dancing again, and were joined as one. Your moans and whispers in my ear, as well as feeling your breath from such, turned me on even more, and put me into overdrive.

I stopped and you wondered why. I want you on top, so I can feel every bit of the warm haven that had become "home" to my smooth shaft... We seamlessly rolled over, with no need for re-entry. Your full breasts swung to and fro, and I made a little game of trying to catch one with my mouth. I won, as you rose and descended on me. All of a sudden, I felt the beginnings of a pleasurable wave, growing in magnitude. I pulled you down, and gripped the back of your neck and one of those round, smooth buttocks. You held me so tight, and your nails buried themselves into the flesh on my shoulders as we erupted, like a volcano of ecstasy. At that moment, I felt a sensation of euphoria, as my endorphins flooded my brain.

We fell asleep in a sweaty heap, with me still inside of you. I woke up, a few hours later, and got a warm cloth and gently wiped you down, as I tasted those lips once more. Is this the last time? I don't know. But, for these few hours, everything was right in the world...


  1. ...and I will drink to that! Very good sweetie...mmmm

  2. It's more than a Love Jones moment. Well written. I felt like I was there....

  3. A rare glimpse of passion that seemed more like the beginning of something and not just a beat and skeet type moment well written the passion leaps off the words inviting us into the bedroom with you guys.

  4. Very well written, you had me feeling like I was watching everything happen from your eyes. I almost fell in love with the gal as well! LOL *sigh* when will Men be able to express thier feelings and emotions they way you do? Whoever has you, is one lucky gal :)

  5. Thanks for all the comments! I tried to write it as if I was there... *wink*

  6. Oh my......that was a beautiful mind trip!!! Felt as if I was there....very well written. Giving a glimpse of the experience from your point of view!!!