Saturday, August 15, 2009 for you.

I can't plan when I write. It just comes out of my brain, runs to my fingertips, and makes sparks on my keyboard... I was feeling poetic, so this is what the result is.

by ThugRockStar

I found a strand of your hair on my shirt today.
How do I know it's yours? No one else can get as close to me.
That single strand of dark, pretty hair inspires flashes in my mind
of your lovely ebony beautiful ways.

First thing I thought of was when we last embraced.
The way you just "fit" me, and I never felt more like your protector.
The way you laid your head on my chest,
made me want to protect you that much more.

I found one of your earrings on my sofa, the other day.
No, silly. I know you didn't leave it there on purpose.
You don't need to "mark your territory"
I'm yours only, at the end of the day.

First thing I thought of, was how you laid on me
while we watched that movie.
I didn't care that it was a "chick flick."
I was good with being you, me...we.

I found one of your blouses in my room, last night,
When I picked it up to fold it, the faint aroma of your perfume
made me have a vision of one night...
I was surprised you dug that "thing" we did...

It's amazing how the simplest things
make me think of you.

No one else can get as close to me.


  1. I'm a little distracted to comment because Maxwell's music just drives me crazy.

    Anyhow, this poem was very sweet, pure and honest.

  2. This is where your polished heart shows through your tough exterior.

  3. *sigh* If only I had a man let me know how the smallest things made him think of and appreciate me.


  4. Beautiful..... how the smallest thing could bring about sweet memories.