Monday, September 14, 2009

Twitter Haters?

Evidently, my exploits on Twitter are being talked about at my place of work... Don't worry. It's nothing that can adversely affect my job, or my status at my place of employment. It's just simply annoying.

There are about 3 people at my job that follow me on Twitter...that I know of. Chances are, one of them has been talking about the ol' ThugRocker™. This morning, I was asked, in somewhat of a sarcastic fashion, "You sho' be on that innanet, don't you?"

Me: Yeah, I do some stuff on the computer. Why?

Them: You be twitterin' from yo phone and errythang.

Me: (After blank stare) OK....

Them: *snickering*

I laughed a little as I walked off from them. I don't know if I'm getting old, or what the deal is. But, where I come from, this would be classified as a case of Dick-Riding. (See previous post)
This would get chicks cursed out, and get dudes' asses WHUPPED. I'm having a problem with the proliferation of dudes in this area (VA) checking out, and making catty comments about other dudes!!! Shit blows my mind. They are worse than chicks sometimes...

My question is, why the BLUE FUCK do you have an issue with what I do with my free time. I'm a grown ass man, dawg. I give less than 2 drops of pigeon piss what you do, when you're on your own time.

One dude even said, "I heard you a cyberthug, or somethin' like that." Really!? Now this is the same cat we called out for saying he remembers "Sanford & Son" and Lamont's pants being so tight, he could "see his meat." Pause Police would have sentenced this "dude" to death by sex change. But, being a leader...I can't say things like that, on the job. I did remind him though..."Bruh, don't let this title and this light-skin fool you. You are really about to play yourself." Then, he started laughing and saying I couldn't take a joke. Y'all know me by now...In my mind, I said "Fuck it."

Me: You's enough of a chore for me to have walk around with all of this dick. But, now I gotta carry your dead-ass weight on it too? Fuck outta here with that bullshit."

I just will never understand why people have to try to down other people, thinking it will make them seem like a better person. I told the people in both instances the same thing I have said in some of my rants on Twitter... "Get your self-esteem weight up, son. But, thank you for keeping me on your minds and in your mouths. Take that how you will."

Remember, people. It is annoying, at first. But, when you get down to it, it is the ultimate compliment. If you weren't doing shit, nobody would think twice about you.

As those motherfuckers found out...


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Jockin' 101

I understand that a lot of times, my logic is not in line with everyone else's. Even if it is, most of you don't vocalize it. In other words, sometimes I say what you guys are thinking. So, once again the fuckery that is Twitter, has sparked the synapses in this brain...

dick riding (definition)
Sucking up to; to be someone's bitch or make yourself look inferior to someone, just to earn their respect or get something tangible in return.

1: That guy was totally 'dick riding' that rapper because he was hoping to get noticed. 2: That lady is a total 'dick rider', every time she sees someone with a hunk of cash she'll try to sleep with them.
-Courtesy of Urban Dictionary

I try to stay away from blogging about celebrities. God knows we have more than enough blogs about gossip. Plus, that ain't my style. "Requiem For A King" is about as close as I come. But, that was a chapter in our history. More of a tribute/eulogy, if you will.

As I go along on my Twitter journeys, I notice that part of the appeal that made Twitter the monster that it is, is that you can tweet to celebrities, athletes, models, and even porn stars.

What I notice, is that more often than not, celebrities rarely reply to "regular" people. But, when they do, they seem to be down-to-earth, and most times, pretty cool. I only tweet to celebs if they have said something interesting, and I have something relevant to add to it. This is the same approach I apply to everyone on Twitter.

I see a lot of people that get really upset, when celebs don't reply back. In a way, I can understand this. But, there's two sides to a coin...

Think about why they are called "celebrities." This means that they are very popular. Now, me...being just a regular dude, I have approximately 930 followers. I follow around 630. Sometimes my little timeline moves very fast. As a result, I don't see some tweets unless I go back into my @ replies. I try to answer anyone that tweets me. Every once in a while, I gotta dig pretty deep because someone got upset with me for not answering them. So, imagine someone with hundreds of thousands of @ replies to read and respond to...

However, I also feel like the celebrity has a responsibility to let their fans know they at least acknowledge their presence. Use a blanket tweet like, "I see my fans out there. I can't answer all of you right now, but I love you guys back." Something to that effect...

Now, here's the part where I might piss some people off...

Some of y'all take your adoration of these celebs a bit too far. We all want to be part of the "in crowd." Nobody wants to be an outcast. I have seen some straight bullshit on Twitter, when it comes to celebrity interaction. You don't need to re-tweet every response, if you are lucky enough to have a celeb reply to you. The rest of us are still not going to know who you are.

I've seen people respond to motivational blanket tweets, like the celeb in question was talking specifically to them. Really!? Is your need for validation that severe? I've seen people who write blogs claim that celebs wrote articles for them, when in reality, they copied and pasted the celeb's own blog entry. Plagiarism can be a pain in the ass, if you get caught...

Make your own way, people. Jockin' these celebs will you famous for nothing more than being a dick-rider. They didn't get famous for simply talking to another famous person. They displayed a talent, and people dug it. I don't think being "Net famous" on social networking sites pays very well. You'll need to find another way to supplement your income.

Don't hang with the "cool kids." BE the "cool kid" everyone wants to hang with.

This brings me to my next bone of contention: the people that THINK they're celebs. The bloggers and publicists and whoever's claim to fame is what they do on Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace.

You have some folks out there, claiming to be the King or Queen of their venue of choice. Really!? I tell you what... Come with me to where I hang out, and I'll make you feel like the Court Jester. Outside of us internet geeks (I mean that in the coolest way), nobody knows who you are. I've mentioned the so-called "pro" bloggers' names, and people were like, "who the hell is that???" Once again, I see people with low self-esteem, seeking to validate themselves.

I purposely left names out of this entry. But, if you think I'm talking about you, or your favorite blogger...I probably am. Feel free to let them know. Get at me, or have them do it. I don't care. I will tell them the same thing... "Get your self-esteem weight up, son."

Matter of fact, I may start going after these other bloggers. I think I've kind of proved myself, in the fact that I can hang with the "heavyweights." This may end up becoming the "blog other bloggers are afraid of." Might be time to make my move and slay the Kings/Queens...