Saturday, January 30, 2010

Groupies and Sports: The Battle

February is upon us. Most of us think of Valentine's Day, and how to make our significant others smile brightly. We also think of the three huge sporting events that take place every year.

It starts with the NFC/AFC Pro Bowl, the NFL's "All-Star" game. For the last 30 years, this game has taken place in Hawaii, after the other NFL spectacle, the Super Bowl. This year, the NFL has decided to hold the Pro Bowl in the same city as the Super Bowl, the week before the big game. That site is Miami, for the 2010 contest.

The fact that the Pro Bowl is being played the week before the Super Bowl is a whole 'nother blog. Let's explore the logistics of it being held in Miami. Miami is widely known as a "party city." So, one could surmise there would be plenty of alcohol (and drug) fueled liasons on any given weekend. The added festival atmosphere of a Super Bowl, plus a Pro Bowl game, multiplies the prospect of these liasons.

Thousands of sports fans make pilgrimages to these events every year, prepared to spend exorbitant amounts of money. Should my Eagles one day make it again, I will include myself among those masses. However, thousands of non-fans make it there, as well. I'm referring to the groupies. Women, and sometimes men, who go for the prospect of meeting and/or "hooking up" with a professional athlete, with no regard to the game itself.

The fact that the Pro Bowl is being played there, exponentially increases the number of athletes and celebs that would normally be at the Super Bowl. This may increase the "groupies'" chances of attaining their "goal." The past couple of weeks, on Twitter, I've seen countless tweets from women from every walk of life, about how they're going to either the Pro Bowl, Super Bowl, NBA All-Star Weekend in Dallas, or even all of the above. Not to mention the parties that go along...

Here's the difference... (Courtesy of


-loves the sport
-very competitive in fantasy football
-loves the talent
-you can not call her on Sunday or Monday night because she is glued to the television
-goes to the games in her favorite players jersey
-knows what a triple double is
-knows what off sides means


-sleeps with the players
-looks up his salary on USA today
-can quote his salary
-likes the athlete for his looks
-goes to the basketball games in five inch heels and finds her way to the family section
-knows nothing about the sport but can name the top ten highest paid players
-shows up to all parties hosted by an athlete (will drive 300 plus miles to get there)

Most of these women have otherwise displayed no interest in sports. It makes one wonder if they can be included under the "groupie" umbrella. Conversely, I follow a few ladies who do truly love sports, and in some cases, have considerably more knowledge than most men do.

I asked one of these ladies a few questions about groupies and sports. She gave me quite insightful feedback. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the lovely, brilliant, classy...Lizz Robbins.

ThugRockStar: Lizz, how does it make you feel when women are automatically labeled 'groupies' at big sports events?

Lizz Robbins: Personally I detest the word "groupie." It should've stayed where it originated, with rock bands. I think it sucks for the true sports fans that are females, that have to deal with that when they are truly going with the intent to enjoy the event.

TRS: Do you feel that 'groupies' devalue sports? If so, please elaborate.

LR: I think women that stay in the "locker room" devalue themselves, not the sport. It will always remain the same.

TRS: How do you feel the stigma can be eliminated?

LR: As long as there are women who participate and throw themselves at men in the "spotlight" it will never end.

TRS: Thank you so much!

LR: Not a problem hun...

Sadly, many of us feel this way. This is because there is no shortage of women trying to "come up", or find a rich man to latch on to in order to become financially secure. Or, they want the "fame by association." Who better than a pro athlete or celeb? The cruel reality of the matter is, unless you already run in those circles, your chances of catching one, are the same as the prospect of me playing for a pro team, one in a million.

Sistas, I ask... Please stop perpetuating stereotypes and acting as less than the queens you were born to be. You shouldn't need to depend on what's between your legs to get you where you need to be. Depend on what's between your damn ears. It's one thing to meet an athlete and end up falling in love in a healthy way. But, if your goal in life is to say, "My man plays for ________", please, I implore you to reevaluate your priorities.

If but one sista reads this and it makes her think, I've accomplished something.

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