Monday, October 4, 2010

6 AM Conspiracy Theories?

I got up at 4:30, this morning, for work. I got a grand total of 4.5 hrs sleep. This came on the heels of 5 hrs sleep on Saturday night, and 0 hrs on Friday night. So, as of this writing, I've had a total of 9 hrs sleep, since 10:30, Friday morning.

I'm not telling you this to paint my self as some sort of "ironman" or "superhero". I'm telling you this because, gotdammit, I'm EXHAUSTED. Those who know me, can tell you there are times when I can be difficult, on full rest. Blame it on my parents. They're the ones that had sex, on a cold November night, insuring I'd be born under the sign of Leo the lion.

Fast forward a little to 5:45 AM. I make my customary pit stop to get my coffee, large with French Vanilla & Chocolate Creme creamers, 3 sugars, & mixed with a 3rd of the cup French Vanilla cappucino. This wonderful beverage accompanies a "bow tie" donut. Judge me, if you will. That combo has kept a lot of people employed, alive, and with their dignity intact, over the years.

Some random regular at the convenience store where I make my daily pit stop, starts talking to me about yesterday's football games. He knows I'm a Philadelphia Eagles fan. Eagles quarterback, Michael Vick, a native of the area I live in, sustained a rib injury during yesterday's loss to the Washington Redskins.

So, the random guy comes bopping into the store, all chipper and shit. He starts talking about the game. My face doesn't do a good job of hiding my emotions, unless I'm playing Spades. So, I'm confident that the look on my mug told him, "Bruh, I'm on 4.5 hrs of sleep and I haven't had my coffee yet. If that didn't clue him in, my one-word answers & grunts should've.

This dude woke me all the way up, when he goes on about how Vick's injury was "a setup". Seriously, my dude??? It's 6 o'-fucking-clock in the morning, and you're telling me that "The Man" put Michael Vick and 2 defenders in the exact physical posture during a high-speed NFL football play, to intentionally injure him? The next look on my face must've been more accurate, because he did exactly what my face told him to. SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP. STUPID.

Other than that, I had a decent day. How bout yall?

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  1. The older you get, the more you'll say it instead of relying on your face to say it, LOL.