Friday, October 29, 2010


Day 29...

I really don’t hang out with too many people like that. You gotta be cool & laid-back as hell for me to really open up to you. But, sometimes, you run across people who give you that. Tonight was one of those nights.

It started out as a simple “GoodFellas” type of lunch with a couple of friends. I ended up meeting so many good people, that “lunch” ended at around 11 PM. The importance of good people who don’t have ulterior motives, or have their asses on their shoulders means a lot. I was kicking the “Willie Bobo” with magazine models and the whole nine. I could care less that the chicks were models. But, that fact that they didn’t ACT like models was impressive.

I get recognized as “@ThugRockStar” and from hosting parties on a regular basis. It’s cool. But, I can take that, or leave it. I go at those people as “Tim”. That’s who I want them to know. I would hope that people who have attained popularity/celebrity would do the same for me. That’s what I got from the people I met tonight. So, I support whatever field they are working in. If it’s a DJ or host, I’m gonna tell y’all what they have coming up. If it’s a model, I’ll tell you what magazine they are appearing in.

Bottom line is, I’m a Leo. One of the main qualities we are known for, is loyalty. I like to think I am the quintessential Leo. I show major love to the people I am loyal to. I may not agree with everything you do. But, I am in your corner, when the chips are down. I ride or die for mine.

We all need people like that in our lives. The fakeness gets old, quickly. I still ride mostly solo, dealing with “associates”. But, for the first time in a long time, I feel like I am ready to have friends in my life that I hang out with, and feel like they have my back. If that’s indeed the case, I’ll damn sure have theirs…


  1. SO COOL!! I love when you find yourself in the presence of ease. No pretenses. I let my hair down and if I feel like folks are putting on's the quickest way for me to leave the building.

    Glad you had a good time. Nice to meet you, Tim :)

    ~Kali :)

  2. When I first realized that my circle of friends was shrinking, I oscillated between something being wrong with them or something wrong with me. It just came down to the fact that my tolerance for the fake and two-faced nonsense had dropped to an all time low. I can't avoid it completely, but I have cut out much of it - it's just not worth the effort to me.

    It's always refreshing to meet people who are comfortable enough with themselves to drop the pretenses. Granted, it seems a rarity these days - but it's all the sweeter when it does happen.


  3. SWEET!!! That's exactly where I am with mine. I always say I can't hang with the "cool kids" just to be down with a crew. That's not friendship. People take that for granted, so much. I take it very seriously. I may have to depend on someone, in a big way, someday. Can't just do that with anyone.

  4. Kali, I am with you all the way on that! Air kisses, fake smiles, #NShit...*vomits*