Friday, October 1, 2010

Crazy Dreams

Today begins the October Blog challenge, in which bloggers must post an entry every single day of the month. This is perfect for me, as I have REALLY fallen off in my writing frequency. This ought to get me back on track.

Day 1 of the challenge begins with a dream I had. This one was weird. But, at the same time, it might be a good idea for a film...

I'm pretty sure this dream was fueled by last night's alcoholic fuckery. Here goes...

The scenario is sort of a rural town, with a small, busy downtown area. An unknown building gets destroyed, and a huge, Hulk-like black man is seen trudging mindlessly into the woods. All of a sudden, people start turning up dead. Most are killed in brutal fashion and no one knows why. Naturally. Apologies for THAT cliche'...

Don't ask me how I got there. But, I end up on some country-ass road. I see the Hulk-like being, coming out of the woods. I shall refer to him as "Uncle Ben On Steroids". "Unc" for short. Think Michael Clarke Duncan, only a lot bigger and a lot meaner.

Unc doesn't see me, and aimlessly ambles on his way. I see something in the treeline. Making sure Unc is gone, I go investigate further. I discover a horribly mangled human body. Mangled to the point where it's impossible to determine if the victim was male or female.

My dream (or what I remember of it) cuts back to the downtown area. Somehow, I've discovered that Unc was genetically altered by a group in the building that got destroyed. The leader of which, is Resha, also known on Twitter as @kanYeBreast. Resha also has the power to transfer souls, once the host body has died. She can even transfer the souls to inanimate objects, bringing them to life.

I tell an unknown male of my discovery. Like Batman & Robin, we set out to stop Resha & Unc. Resha gets wind of this, and sends Unc after us. Once Unc gets locked on, he is relentless.

***DISCLAIMER*** Resha is a very intelligent, nice & gorgeous woman. She is in NO way, shape, or form "evil" to my knowledge. Again, this is a stupid, alcohol-induced dream. Matter of fact, you should follow her on Twitter, if you're not already. @kanYebreast is her screen name.

Cut to a house, where myself & the unknown male are formulating a plan to stop Resha & Unc. All of a sudden...BLAM!!! The entire door frame to the house seemingly explodes. Unc is standing there, with a blank, but angry stare. He damn sure isn't smiling, like he does on the rice box. He's holding a machete'-like object in one hand, and a sledge hammer in the other.

We break out handguns, pump shotguns, automatic weapons, etc. None of these have the slightest effect on Unc. We avoid his sweeping swings of his weapons, and they demolish the room, as they miss. We finally maneuver our way to exiting the house, and Unc is locked on us, in pursuit.

We end up back in the downtown area, in one of the businesses. Unc kills everyone that is in his path, in the process of trying to get to us. Suddenly, he comes to a stop. We wonder why, but don't know how to approach to kill him. Resha comes through what used to be the storefront, and gives us her "Scooby Doo" speech.

The "Scooby Doo" speech is where the villain reveals why they're doing what they're doing. She didn't say "and I'd have gotten away with it, if it wasn't for you meddling kids". That's too bad of a cliche', even for this dream. Her reason: "This town is boring. It needed the fuckery."

Resha then sends Unc to "finish the job". She helps his cause (as if he needed it) by transferring souls of the dead into others, and even a couple of animals to try to corral us in.

In all the destruction, some electrical wires are exposed. One of the undead accidentally makes contact with one, and is killed again. This gives us the idea to electrocute them all, including Unc. We take out all the minions. Then we buy time to expose a big main wire.

We lure Unc into the "target area" and zap the cowboy shit out of him. Unc lays dead. We look over at Resha as if to say, "Your turn". She responds by laughing her ass off, like she was watching a Richard Pryor show for the 1st time. Resha sits in a chair, still laughing maniacally.

Out of the corner of my eye...yep. Unc begins to stir. Resha, in a final desperate act, is trying to transfer her own soul into Unc. We empty our weapons into her, hoping to kill her before the transfer is complete. Unc stops moving as Resha's last breath leaves her body.

Of course, as we bloodied & battered heroes leave the destruction & death behind, we hear another loud crash. Yep. Unc has risen. Resha got it done as she died. He comes after us again. Somehow, we rig up a car with 2 mannequins inside, to roll itself into a body of water. Unc follows, thinking it's us. Because he's so massive, Unc is unable to resurface.

Once again, we battle-weary heroes trudge & limp off into the sunset. Cut to the lake, or whatever it was. The water is as smooth as the surface of a mirror.

Until bubbles rise up...

Sounds like a sequel is on deck.

Hey, it was a dream. OK??? Aw, forget yall.


  1. I love it and I love your writing because I could see the movie playing in my head!

    As suggested, I now follow @kanYebreast!

  2. LAWD...I laughed until I couldn't laugh anymore. My mother thoroughly enjoyed this story. She said (to which I agree 100%) that you have great writing talent.

    I am awaiting the sequel...what we drinking? LOL