Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Death To The Pretentious Moon Crickets

Day 27...

I am a very heterosexual male, who just happens to watch “Real Housewives Of Atlanta”. At first, I think I was interested to see attractive black women doing well, and not portrayed as “ho’s, chicken heads, or ghetto”. It did start off that way for me.

But now, my perception has turned into seeing “nose in the air” and a stank “I’m better than you” vibe. I cannot express here how much I absolutely detest that. It frustrates me to no end, how much our people strive to separate ourselves from each other, in an elitist sense.

This started in slavery, where the “massa” would separate his dark and light-skinned negroes, by having the light-skinned slaves work the easier jobs, in the “big house”, while the darker slaves were out in the blazing-hot sun all day, working the fields and tending to the animals.

This was the genesis of the “divide and conquer” strategy the “massa” employed to keep the slaves under control. He knew he was grossly outnumbered. A revolt, as Nat Turner would later show, could be devastating to his livelihood, and a danger to his life. As long as the slaves were pitted against each other, they couldn’t unite against him.

Turner figured it out, and led a bloody, violent, and deadly revolt. Unfortunately, the rest of us have forgotten. Only now, we’re not so much divided by melanin, as we are money and social status. We can’t even give each other compliments properly. Here’s an example…

Negroid 1: That’s a nice outfit!

Negroid 2: Thanks!

Negroid 1: How much did it cost?

Negroid 2: *blank stare*

It shouldn’t be that way, people. It shouldn’t matter if you got your outfit from Walmart or you got it from Macy’s. If it looks nice, it looks nice. If you ask me how much something I have costs, I’m gonna tell you where I got it, and that I expect you to buy me more.

Do I expect people to pull each other up, by the bootstraps? Hell no. It’s your responsibility to attain the things you want, whether that be a box of mac & cheese or whether it be the newest model of Mercedes-Benz. But, what I would like to see is our people treat each other better.

Fat chance, I know. All I can do is practice what I am preaching…


  1. Man, can you get out of my head? Tommorow's post has something to do with being color struck!

    I always thought it interesting that so many knew that the light/dark issue was "created" in the days of slavery, yet way too many choose to carry on the tradition.

    When will they ever figure out the ones that hate us don't discriminate, they hate us all and we can get a bit further by working together and not always breaking each other down PHAEDRA #RHOA

  2. I actually find it pretty sad that so many people want to point fingers at discrimination from non-black folk, when we're the best at discriminating against ourselves. It seems like so many struggle to emulate and copy what the "massa" had, that they end up treating others just as he did - which considering the historical context is absolute foolishness.

    Build your own house and run your own ish.

  3. Great comments, ladies! So much appreciated...

  4. You know...I swear, Willie Lynch's supposed and unauthenticated letter is still absolutely relevant. It's in every opposition that we find opposition. Skinny vs Fat, Dark vs Light, Poor vs Rich, Tall vs Short, Smart vs Ignorant, etc...etm.

    I'll date, love, befriend every shade of this blackness. I've crushed on the tallest 6'5" dude and LOVED a 5'7" man. I've been taken care of by a man who laid hundreds in my hand...and TRIED to be with and support someone who didn't have a job at all. It all boils down to love. Self love, love of your people and a high disdain for anything trivial that blocks the blessings of love.

    S/N: Phaedra disgusted me when discussing where her husband comes from to supposedly excuse his love of "canned foods" over her "refined taste" for the best. Like I said on Twitter that night...if you're so fly, why haven't you attracted someone of your status? O_O #nuffsaid