Sunday, October 24, 2010

Decision Deferred...SMDH

Day 24...

If you read last’s Sunday’s post, “Mind-Blowing Decisions”, you may remember my co-worker’s quandary of whether to stay with his current woman, or dabble with another. If you don’t remember, Q has a great woman he’s been with for a while. She loves the hell out of him to the point that she would allow him to quit his job and be a “kept man” for a while, if he so chose. She even wanted to buy him a motorcycle. Oh yeah…she makes SERIOUS cheese.

This fool, Q, asked my advice on if he should stay with her, or pursue a new chick that he knows very little about. At one point, he even told me he was going to “be good from now on”. He’s cheated on her, in the past. He ended up (correctly) telling me that it probably wouldn’t be smart to leave what he has for the unknown.

Fast forward to yesterday. You’ve probably seen the blog I wrote, on how cats at my job want to try and fuck any half-decent looking temp or new associate that walks in the door. Yeah… That happened. All damn day, this dude is chatting up one of the new temps. She was OK looking. But, damn sure not “leave your woman” good.

First thing in the morning, Q has the “eye of the tiger” when this chick walks by. After he breaks his “radar lock” on that ass, Q looks up at me. I just shake my head and chuckle. He busts out laughing, in a sheepish type of way. I say, Dawg… “ Didn’t you just tell me, not even a whole week ago…?” He didn’t let me finish the question because he knew. His reply:

“Man… I can’t help it, bruh. It’s in my blood.”

My eyebrow raised, of it’s own volition. I simply placed a single index finger to my lips, in the “shhh” motion.

“Don’t ask me anything else, motherfucker”.


  1. I love reading your post on cheating from a male point of view. As a person who has been cheated on in the past I know cheating is wrong for a reason most people dont even consider. It wasnt the betrayal or the lie that hurt me when he cheated. It was the way I felt when I realized he could had potentially brought STDs home to me. I then realized my life meant nothing to him. Thats what hurt the most. Ask your coworker is the thrill of new booty worth hurting what he has at home.

  2. "I can't help it, it's in my blood"

    One of the sorriest ass excuses ever.

    I do love that you're not an enabler.