Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hooked on DEEZ Phonics

Day 10... A third of the way through the Blog Challenge.

I love social networking. My 52,000-plus tweets can attest to that. But, like anyone else, I see things that sometimes ruin the experience for me.

My pet peeve? My followers can tell you. By far, it's bad spelling and grammar. I understand about slang and the fact that Twitter only allows 140 characters, per tweet. But, most of the shit I end up reading is not slang, and it's not saving characters. Especially when the offending words/phrases have the same number of, or more letters than the correct ones.

"Since" doesn't save any more characters than "sense". "Would of" takes the same number as "would've". You get the picture...

I didn't go to a private school, or take any courses that WOULD'VE afforded me a better education than any of you that may be reading this. What I did have, was parents & teachers that cared enough to make sure I was actually LEARNING. So, it didn't matter if I didn't want to pay attention in class, or if I called myself "being a knucklehead". They imparted to me that it was OK to be smart, because the "cool kids" weren't going to put money in my pocket.

Don't get me wrong. I was by no means a "nerd". I actually was the "King Of Mama Jokes". Hard to believe, huh? But, I saved my fuckery for the hallways, between classes, the lunchroom, or the school bus...WHERE IT BELONGS. I made mistakes along the way. I got thrown out of classes, and what-not. But, my parents and teachers quickly got me back on track. They had good communication. And unlike a lot of young parents today, mine didn't automatically go charging up to the school to confront teachers, just because the educator said something about their child, that they might not want to hear.

My parents (mainly my mom) would fight to the death for me, IF I was right. But, if I was wrong, she corrected me. So, the fact that so many grown-ass adults struggle with simple spelling and English, is staggering to me. It evidences that either people's schools failed them, or worse, their parents did, by not taking enough interest to follow up with schools to make sure they did their job. In some cases, the parents themselves may not be educated enough to be able to tell when the kids are struggling.

There are too many resources available for mature adults to be "guessing" at how to spell easy words. We've got to do better, y'all.

I really hate to sound judgmental. But, all I want is for "other people" to stop looking at us with pity or ridicule.

"It's only Twitter. Relax" or "Chill, ol' spellcheck ass" doesn't work for me. If you type on Twitter like that, chances are good that you'll present a document at your place of work with that type of spelling and language. Any e-mails I get that are full of spelling/grammar errors, I have a hard time taking seriously.

It can cost you good jobs, or promotions. This means bad spelling & grammar can cost you MONEY. Bet that got your attention, huh?


  1. I cringe...and I mean CRINGE with full on goose bumps, hair standing and an audible *UGH* when I read certain people's tweets, statuses, blogs, etc.

    I used to correct people out of love. That very thing you spoke of (not wanting "others" to look at us with the stank eye) is what drove me to red pen some things my friends and family would say. I learned the hard way that some folks just don't want to be wrong. They rather LIKE being seen as dumb, I let them.

    My mother was the QUEEN of "look it up", "sound it out" and "use it in a sentence". The house had a full encyclopedia set with dictionaries and we were expected to use them. I wish more parent were like yours and mine. Sadly, people are too busy being offended at someone trying to tell their child what to do to understand that sometimes you need a little help in child-rearing.

    Nice (and needed) post!