Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mind-Blowing Decisions

Day 17...

The question was posed to me by an associate. "If you have 1 person you're in a relationship with, but it's struggling & 1 person you're feeling, but don't know as much about, which way do you go?"

Now, I was incredulous, as the answer should be obvious. But, I had patience today. Told the person they need to weigh all options. Stability, time invested, what the future holds, what the other person brings to the table... You know. Shit like that.

Personally, If I have a stable relationship, with the aforementioned factors in place. There is no way I'm trading that for the unknown. The next chick might be a Freaky Jason axe murderer.

I hate to sound shallow. But, this persons current makes a shit-ton more moolah, than the one that they're considering. We all know financial stability is a factor. Love is nice. But, it's really light on calories.

This person has a lot of thinking to do. I know what I would do. How about you?


  1. I'm with you Bro...I go where I've invested time and have an emotional connection.

  2. I'd be sticking with what I know. Sometimes, we're only feeling other folks because of the novelty. It's a shallow interest until you invest time to get to know no way would I give up what I have for what "looks" good.

  3. I talked to that guy again. He figured it out. He chalked it up to "temporary insanity"...