Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More Twitter Rants

Day 20...

Getting this one in before midnight...

When I first got on Twitter, I was one of those that participated in Follow Friday, Twitter After Dark, and other activities. As I got wiser, and took the pulse of what my followers did and felt, I outgrew these things.

Another thing I did, was post crazy pics. I mean, the craziest, most gross or ratchet ones I could find. This was in addition to what I had to say. I kind of used it to enhance was I was talking about. I outgrew that, as well.

But, we have people who have been on Twitter long enough to outgrow this. But, they haven't. Why? My theory is that they really have nothing to say. Either that, or they are trying to acquire followers the fast, cheap way.

But, is Twitter really about the number of followers you have? I don't think so. It's about the experience. It's SOCIAL networking. Interacting with new people and possibly getting friends out of it, is the appeal. If you want popularity, take your ass to MySpace. Somebody will put you in their Top 8.

We have people that use crazy pics as their avatars. I've heard from some that they don't want their employers to know what they do on Twitter. Well... If you can't do shit your employer would have a problem with on your own time, on your own computer or phone, you probably shouldn't be doing it anyway. In which case, you now have crossed into "fronting" territory.

What you see on Twitter, from me, is pretty much what you get in real life. People at my job know about it, and I have no fear of repercussion from my employer. There will be those who say, as always, "It's just Twitter". It is. But, you're also showing us who you are, to an extent. Why would you want to be someone else, on a social networking site? Tap-dancing for people you likely don't know and don't give 2 drops of camel piss what you do, or what happens to you... Mind-boggling.

Try being "you". If that's not good enough, fuck 'em.

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  1. You know, I love to be a smart ass, but I think if I tweeted you half the stuff I wanted to, I keep thinking I might catch you at a bad time and get deleted.

    (how's that for a run-on sentence?)