Friday, October 8, 2010

Movin' On Up? Riiiiight...

Day 8...

I'm gonna tell y'all what grinds my gears. What is it that makes black folks want to put themselves on a pedestal, and look down their damn noses at others? I mean, damn. I see and hear people try to appear upscale, while slick downing others, on a daily basis.

If your world is so "tight", why would you even be bothered with trying to impress others in this way. So what, you party with certain groups? So what, you go to the so-called "hot" club? To me, you still end up the same pitiful person that is striving to be "somebody".

I don't get it. People's thirst to lead a "celebrity" life is alarming. I'm a "nobody". I'm fine with that. No pressure to be certain places, or do certain things with people I'm not even sure I like. There's nothing wrong with wanting to be popular. We all want to be liked. But, get that popularity because you have a great personality, on your own merits. The "easy way" doesn't work. The rare times it does, it's a quick fix until you do/don't do something that pisses someone in the "cool kids" off.

I'm comfortable at an "upscale" spot, just as I'd be at a "hole in the wall". Place could be full & popping, or 10 people in the joint. Either way, I'll enjoy myself. Most of all, I love the satisfaction of doing what I WANT TO DO.

I can chill with anybody. From celebrities, to the nerdiest introvert. Anybody who thinks they're "too big" to hang with someone... Well, to me, they ABSOLUTELY SUCK!

So, you thirsty motherfuckers, keep trying. No money, pussy, or any other "benefits" will result from your thirst. Most "socialites" didn't have to work their way to that status. Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, and those of their ilk, already had money and a "name" behind them.

Keep doing what you do, though. If we're ever in the same spot, and you see me shaking my head and/or laughing, you don't have to waste the time to ask me why.


  1. You said it!

    I've been feeling for a while that the whole overnight celebrity thing has folks twisted. No kind of realistic appreciation for "where they're at"...just pretending in the moment that they're where they wanna be. Such a sad existence.

    I'd hang with ya :)

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