Saturday, October 16, 2010

Not So Easy Rider

I've been thinking about getting a motorcycle for a long time. Don't know why I haven't done it yet... Wait. I take that back. I know why.

There are a few factors. One, is the Virginia weather. It's so inconsistent. Plus, with the bike I'd want, that would be a WHOLE lot of money to spend on something that probably will just sit, half the year. I'm not a cat you'd see on a "crotch rocket". I'm 6'5", 240. I'd look like Hulk Hogan, if he was riding a moped.

Second, is the cost. I want one of those pan-head Harleys. That's a boss ass bike, right there. But, those damn things are like, $30,000. Ah, well... Guess I'll have to settle for that Camaro I was looking at...

One more thing about the weather. When it gets cold, damn if I'm buying an $800-900 leather suit to ride in. Not gonna have me looking like a light-skinned Eddie Murphy. Damn that.


  1. 6'5-240?!?!? Gudlaw...*fanning*

    For real though, I'm glad you're weighing options instead of making an impulse buy. That's too much money to be playing...

  2. *fixing my hurr and straightening the girls*

    How YOU doing? ~_o