Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Open Letter To My Twitter

Dear Twitter,
We've known each other, going on 2 years now. We've had our highs, & we've had our lows.

You helped me break a lot of news & stories among my Twizzlers (followers), including the passing of Michael Jackson. You also supported my "unfollow Perez (Hilton)" after he said that MJ "probably faked his death.

But, people underestimate you, Twitter. They think all there is to you, is to tell everyone "what we are doing." They don't know you like I do. We know there is so much more to you, than that.

People don't respect you. Chronic misspellings and typos, along with what I like to call "Slave-speak", illustrate the level of disrespect. If they really cared, they'd Google. Everyone knows that where you are, Google is sure to be found, not far away.

They use you, Twitter. They use you to created false personas. They use you in the wrong way. They spread false rumors through you & recycle Trending Topics.
But, I understand you. You're cool with me. You have my loyalty and respect. Continue to be you, Twitter. There are those of us that have love for you...

Even though we hang out with Facebook sometimes...


  1. LMAOOO...I almost called you a "buttery muhfucka". CTFU. Only b/c this is TOO funny, TOO true...and damnit, now I'm mad that my letter was to Love instead of Twitter. *kicking rocks*

  2. Thanks, Kween! I always appreciate your insightful comments. And, you are one of the few that can get away with calling me a "buttery muthafucka"...

  3. *blushing* hehehe

    Now, hon...you know if YOU'RE a "buttery muthafucka" then my ass is too...in the sense of butter being yellow. LOL *looking for Dee's smart ass to come through any moment*