Monday, October 11, 2010

Sending My "Love"

Day 11...

I'm watching the Jets/Vikings game, as I write this. The big backstory to this contest should've been the return of Randy Moss, to the Minnesota Vikings. But, Brett Favre has a thing for drawing attention.

It seems that Favre is being accused of sending "inappropriate messages & pictures" to an employee of the Jets, whom Favre played for a couple of years ago. Translated, this means he sent the woman pictures of his penis.

I never understood why some men send unsolicited pics of their "member" to women, or even other men. Are they that proud of it, that they need to show it to the world? It's the same as the perv, in the raincoat, throwing it open to reveal he's wearing absolutely nothing.

Now, if a guy is having a little fun with the person that is actually the recipient of the penis, I can dig that. It's a form of foreplay. But, no way am I "gifting" a chick with a portrait, if the chances are slim to none that she'll actually meet "him".

Does the guy that sent the pic say to himself, "I'm gonna send a picture of my dick to some chick I don't know. She'll want to fuck it", or is he simply doing it for the shock value?

Point blank, sending dick pics to a chick you don't know, is just tacky, lame, and stinks of desperation. It's like saying, "My personality sucks. So, maybe I can impress her with this picture. That way, I don't have to do much talking." If you do think that way, you're officially stupid.

Plus, these ladies TALK. If you pervs could see what these ladies would say BEFORE you send your pic, you probably would abort that mission. Do yourselves a favor and wait until a chick tells you she wants to meet your "friend". Then, introduce person.

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  1. lmfao but as my friend Keta said and I agree it was just a picture of a dick how do we know it was his? Yes we discussed this lol. Guys who send dick pics should know not only do we talk about how parched and thirsty they are we also show those to our girlfriends and laugh at em.