Saturday, October 2, 2010

Suspicious Minds

So, I'm on the job, doing what I do. I don't usually care about, or get involved in the extracurricular shit that goes on. You know, "who's banging whom" and what-not. But, I noticed something recently...

We have a female transfer that came in, not too long ago. She's decent-looking. Not drop-dead, but OK. She's pretty enough to have a boyfriend. One of the guys I work with, has started bringing her lunch. On a regular basis, too. Not buying it for her, but actually making it at his house. Nice of him, right?

It gets deeper...

This dude's girlfriend also works at the same place as us. Different shift, but the same buliding. He's also started hanging out with his "new friend", outside of the job. The one time I was there, they had the appearance that at least one of them was looking to be more than "just friends".

My question to yall is, if you were this dude's girlfriend and you found out that your dude was doing all this... How would it affect you? I'm no snitch. But, it kind of boggles my mind. This cat's girlfriend is FINE AS HELL and they do live together.

I don't want either female. I don't shit where I eat. So, this is not a jealousy thing. Plus, I got my own life to live. I can only say how I'd feel if my significant other were to put that kind of time and effort into a member of the opposite sex. It would raise flags, for me.

So, my people... I need your feedback. What if...?

By the way, I've never seen this chick provide lunch for anyone. Is ol' boy "pitching woo", as the old-timers say? Or, is it nothing but a solid friendship within the bounds for those who are in committed relationships?

I'd love to read what yall think...


  1. I dunno. If it was a solid friendship his girlfriend would be bringing lunch for them both sometimes. There's something to that.

    I'd have an issue with my man doing that and there's the potential for some serious shit hitting the industrial fan.

  2. LMAO @ Dee referring to the "industrial fan"

    If this were my man, I'd wonder what was going on. This isn't about being "secure" as much as I believe it is about boundaries. People take things out of context, lines get blurred and feelings get hurt. It's always a safer solution to mind yours...nod and smile. It DOES sound like a case of "pitching woo"...even if it's only surface flirtation/interest. Dude needs to re-evaluate if he's even happy...b/c clearly being fine doesn't guarantee you that your man will stay in line...ask Halle Berry.