Wednesday, October 6, 2010

They Shoulda Never Gave You Niggas "Retweet"

Day 6 Blog Challenge

Let's see... I'm a little late today. But, as long as I get it done before midnight, I'm good.

1st, let me give a shoutout to Roy Halladay and my Philadelphia Phillies. Halladay threw only the 2nd no-hitter in the playoffs. Phils are gunning for a 2nd World Series title in 3 years. Us fans call it "Red October".

Anyhow, let me get to today's rant...

I absolutely HATE people on Twitter, that have the need to retweet compliments, LOL's at jokes they may have tweeted, Follow Friday shoutouts, etc. Since most of you reading this follow me on Twitter, you already know this.

What is it that makes one need to resort to such "look at me, I'm cool" tactics? I really need to know. Why is it that those people can't just say "thank you" to the sender(s) of any such accolades?

It's like what football coaches tell players that score touchdowns. "Act like you've been in the endzone before." If you're used to getting good things said about you, it shouldn't be a big deal.

When you do such things, it's pretty transparent to the rest of us that people don't say good things about you very often. Now, I'm not famous at all, or a "Twitter Celeb" by any stretch. But, what I am, is a RockStar in my head. So, good or bad, what you say or think about me is what it is.

I get a lot of love, but I get hate also. I can't/won't let it affect what I do, or how I live. I love y'all. But, when the smoke is cleared, y'all are not putting money in my pocket, food on my table, or clothes on my back.

The moral to the story is, if you don't love YOURSELF first, who the hell else will? And you can't make people love you by giving "testimonials" over Twitter either.

Go holla at that person in the mirror. You need to tell them, "Hey. You are just as good as anyone else out there. Rock your shit. Head up!" Rich or poor, you too can be a RockStar. Show 'em what you got, and stop the bullshit.



  1. Amen!! I always wondered about that. Be sure to put me in my place if you see me do some vain shit like that. LOL

  2. *DJ, I'm requesting Baby I'm a Star and I dedicate it to Brotha T*

    Um first things first, "toady" is that like woady? CTFU Come on, SURELY you didn't expect the Grammar Nazi to get by with that?

    My cousin played for the Phillies, I think in 80, isn't that when they won the World Series? His name is Bake McBride.

  3. I remember McBride!!! He stuffed a super-bush 'fro into his baseball cap. Is "Bake" short for Baker, or something? Or, is it a nickname. Anyhow, tell him I'm a Phillies fan & have been before they won that World Series you referred to...