Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"VA Unity"...Is it possible?

Day 13...I know. Yesterday's post was basically a Twitter update. I ain't shit for that one. Let's move on...

I was talking with my nephew, my DJ that I host for, and another DJ from our local radio station, last night. My nephew wants to do something big for his birthday, in March. The premise is that we would have a bunch of DJ's, hosts, and any other local "personalities" in the same place, promoting the idea of unity, in the entertainment field.

I gotta say, I'm not too optimistic that this will be a big success. I told them that, last night. My nephew seems to think that the divisiveness is directly attributed to money. Some of it may be. But, the biggest thing causing all the hate in the 757, is fear. This fear breeds jealousy. Subsequently, jealousy breeds hate.

People afraid of getting their "shine" taken around here. I've ranted about it on many occasions, on Twitter. Bottom line, if you are good at what you do, no one can outshine you by a whole lot, if any. For example, I can host at an event, and share the mic with anyone. I don't worry about my co-host making me look bad, or irrelevant. One simple reason: it can't be done.

Conversely, I've handed the mic to a "co-host", only to have them not want to pass it back, the remainder of the event. I said "Fuck it, son. Do you. You need the shine, more than me." Damn, if I'm gonna sit there & argue over mic time. Still, not too many people know that "host's" name.

There was another time I was asked to host at a place I hadn't worked before. There were 2 DJ's, including mine. The other DJ had his own host. I was cool with that. Again, I can work with damn near anyone that has their shit straight. Me, being the "visiting team", I played my position and chilled. When my DJ started spinning, I expected the other host to throw to me. Shit didn't happen. I asked my DJ why I was asked to be there. He got the situation straight. The promoters were great, too.

So, I did what it is I do. Had the crowd going, and shouted out BOTH DJ's, and the other hosts. After all, it's about the EVENT. Not the hosts, as a lot of "hosts" like to believe. That's like Ryan Seacrest coming out on "American Idol" and singing. A host enhances the event. They don't try to be THE star.

I'm digressing. Anyhow, I take a breath and a swig of beer. One of the other hosts actually comes up from behind me, and snatches the mic out of my hand. I figure she has an important announcement, or something. Nope. She just starts singing along with the song that's being played. A lot of "hosts" do that as well. WTF???

At that point, I was like "Fuck it. I got paid up-front. I don't play those games. Especially with people that aren't anywhere near my level". I simply told my DJ, "I hope you know you paid me to be here & just drink beer, right? If you're good with that, so am I. Easiest money I'll ever make."

Bottom line is, where I'm from (New Jersey), DJ's and hosts were like one big ass fraternity/sorority. It was all love and we'd even do guest appearances for each other. We could do that because we were all secure in our abilities, and what we brought to the table.

Here, in the 757 area of Southeastern Virginia, I've seen people try to "snake" gigs from people, there's not a lot of love, and's pretty cutthroat. Makes it to where the business side takes over. That detracts from the shows. The DJ and the host appearing to have fun, feeds the crowd.

I don't know how it's going to happen. But, until people get over that insecurity and fear, unity is going to continue to be a rare commodity in the 757.

Me? I'll always be good. I host for fun and some change, here & there. I'm good at it. Dare say I'm one of the best in this area. I have the voice, and something that a lot of hosts need, but don't have...innate charisma. My personality has a huge dick. I don't make this shit up. Every DJ I work with loves me. Customers at the venues constantly tell me they like what I do. The venues themselves love what I do. This is because I know "the rules", and I do it like no one else. I've tried to help other hosts that struggle. Of course, they don't want to hear it.

This is why I'm not confident about VA Unity. You can't unite those who don't want to be united. I'll continue to support the cause. I can only hope that one day it happens...


  1. "My personality has a huge dick"

    Really dude? O_o Why I gotta see that come off the fingerwork of my "Twitter-Brother"? Dang.

    For real though, thanks for the insight. I never would have thought such a thing existed. I guess there's jealousy in all areas.

  2. WOWWWWWWWWW and u know what. mr thug rock star, sup it's Cymandye aka Lady C by the way(#promo!) but at the end of the day, you're points are valid on many means. appreciate your opinion man and hopefully it'll be an eye opener for many or they just don't care. it sucks b/c you see all this from being someone that's not from here. you see. i'm born and raised here. actually got the opportunity to live in your home state nj for a while and brooklyn. and what i learned is your'e right ...djs and personalities was like one big family...the point was to build the music market. and that's why the music market in the tri-state is known reference to this area or VA..we're mainly known for the individual vs. the market. everyone knows trey songz...chris brown... missy elliot... pharrell... are all from here. the individuals. but as far as the market. do people know the grassroots of where these artists came from? i doubt it. closet thing we got was My Block VA which i was completely stoked when it came was like a breath of fresh air... likewise when missy shouted out "VA" in her acceptance speech for an award. it just comes with the idea... "dont forget where you came from" people say and shun the ones who make it and say they forgot where they come from. no they have not. hell ..i remember timbaland's song "straight outta VA" ...clipse "Virginia" ..and chris brown getting ppl yelling out two up two down for him like Tyga (ex. in deuces)... it's sad b/c it's the people a few octaves below these celebs that only rep VA outta convenience. trying to capitalize off the "VA" and even "VA Unity" concept. which is sad..vs taking your raw talent and just letting your shine happen naturally.. it's like. take it for what it is.. and rather yelling it. how are you going to help encourage it???? do you educate people? do you help out your fellow peers/associates/business partners? how do you build the market? speaking for myself.. i do a lot of background work. i love love loveeeeeee linking people together to create magic. that's my love.

  3. for example. young jeezy was in town. i was asked to grab a femmetourage with a purpose of them handing out cds and stand in VIP with Jeezy to make him look good.. besides him being late. ..extra late.. i came through. had PROFESSIONAL...BEAUTIFUL women who'd represent VA right to rock out with Jeezy at Club Dream... even with him being late. they came through in their all black as asked..and were soldiers man, even with conflict of time management, because? i dont know. could've been the homecoming concert..or when they got pulled over..who knows.. at the end of the day.. Jeezy will know that we actually do have beautiful women, they go hard and are about their business... that'll be a sticky note in his mind.. ya dig?? and that way when he goes to his celebrity friends he'll be like..sonnn... the girls in the 757 are gorgeousssss... blah blah blah. b/c celeb or not. men are men. lol. we gotta take the glitz and glamour outta the entertainment field. resort back to looking at people like human and realize that to build a market, we gotta under the simplicities first in order to make it complex...but honestly... to sum this alll up. IT WAS maybe these trials and tribs are here to teach us on God's time. who knows... all i can say is who knows...but i just wanted to throw some possibilities up there and maybe lead by example or maybe take blindfolds off of someone.. like u are doing too thug...especially w/ 1 track minded people. difference will throw 'em off and possibly turn them salty...but that's their problem. keep speaking your mind hun!


    p.s. i got a new show coming to WWRADIO.NET ..actually MINDFUCK RADIO IS BACK.. but i got new additions (add them on twitter) MSHollywood313 and ShesNotFamous ..2 different minds.. 2 additional opinions.. i loveee it!!! (example of swallowing your pride and opening more doors and opportunities for ur peers.. we need more of this!!) COMING THIS WINTER!!! submit 1-3 singles to and if your song is considered.. you'll receive a confirmation email! toodles! muah!