Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Who's Playing Whom???

Day 19...

As I’m perusing my Twitter timeline, I see tweets from a female that stand out. These tweets contain the word “predator”, spelled out in all caps. There’s also a link to this female’s blog. I’m thinking she’s exposing a child molester or scam artist, or someone of that ilk.

Turns out, she tells how this guy told her he has $390 million, and owns a Maybach. So, she’s apparently made sex tapes and taken raunchy pics with this guy, who in turn posted them on the internet. But wait…this guy never had any money on him, and slept on his sister’s couch. Why? Because he was “waiting on wire transfers” from his father, who is allegedly a high-profile lawyer, in New York.

Guess what? Of course, she never saw any of the shit he said he had. She got suckered. Not because she was led to believe dude loved her and had her best interests in mind. But, because she thought she had the “goose that laid golden eggs”. If you read the blog, you’ll see what I mean. Much is made of the money, or lack thereof. This female even went back and added to the blog, saying maybe she was being a golddigger, and looking for other qualities in this cat that she was missing in her life.

“Maybe”??? There’s no maybe. According to what I read, gold digging was definitely in play. An amateurish attempt, at that. For the record, dude was definitely dead wrong for misrepresenting himself, just to get sex. I call this “obtaining vagina via false pretense”. And, he was dead wrong for releasing intimate pics and videos on the “net. But, the fact that your reasons for dealing with this dude seem to be centered around what you THOUGHT he had, instead of how he made you feel, make you look like the biggest, most gullible sucker.

I believe that’s why this chick is choosing to “expose” dude. She didn’t get to “juice” the guy. She didn’t have her pic taken, while she was getting out of the Maybach that doesn’t exist. No red carpet for you, babe.

Golddiggers grind my damn gears. Choosing a mate because financial security is included among the qualities you like, is cool. But, choosing one just BECAUSE of that, and nothing else…well, it makes you sort of a whore.

I keep checking my Twitter feed, as I write this. Now, this sista is saying she is exposing him because he exposed her, by releasing the pics and vids. Judging by the blog she wrote, her motivation for doing the pics an vids was based mainly, if not solely on the fact that she was under the impression that this dude was promising her material things.

Guys lie to get women. We know this. It’s wrong. Women lie to guys to get what they want. We know that. It’s wrong. With that said, if you go that route and it doesn’t work out the way you planned, who can you really be angry with?

I’m trying not to be too judgmental here. I don’t know if I’m succeeding at that. So, I’m providing the link to the aforementioned blog. You should know that what was originally written is in a normal font. Whatever was added after that, is in bold fonts. That may help kind of “read between the lines”. Anyway, here’s the link…


I’d love to know y’all’s take on the situation…


  1. I read her story in its entirety, and it reeks of a thirsty braud struck by betrayal and now in bitterness she feels she's entitled to get even.

    I'm sorry, but falling for $390 million dollars and wire transfers.... That sounds like most internet scams that we get in our spam boxes, asking to wire money to Africa and other unknown places. That would've immediately been the first red flag. And after seeing where he lived (according to her, a roach infested couch, of which she posted a picture of her kissing him on), she still believed he had 390 mil coming to him? Maybe I'd have believed 1 mil, 5 tops, but 390?

    But like any other thirsty chick looking for a come-up, she bought into that shit because she saw dollar signs. We all know people lie, especially men if they think they have a slither of a chance to get some ass, but the lies he told should have set off a thousand red flags in her head.

  2. Ok so I read her blog and did she say that she did those things with him because she thought she was in love and he filled the void of a father figure. This is just my opinion and I dont know this woman but if you have to take care of a man ie. buy his clothes cause he had none, loan him money how can you view him as a father figure? Sounds to me as if she was in love with the life he promied her and his money and not with him. This is a classic case of be careful what you ask for you just might get it. While she thought she found her meal ticket he was using her for one and so much more.

  3. Wow...see how easy it is to ignore signs when your own intentions are so warped?

    I hate that her intimate pics/vids were shared. That's a violation that can be hard to come back from. It's screwed up on both ends.