Saturday, November 6, 2010

Another Crazy Dream...

I had another crazy dream, last night. And, no… “Unc” (see "Crazy Dreams") didn’t come for his revenge. Not yet, anyway. I can’t even blame alcohol for this one. I have no damn idea what it meant, or what significance it held. But, screw it. I’ll share anyway…

Of what I can remember, one of my Twitter friends, @MissJia, said she had to go to North Carolina. She asked if I would like to come with. But, somehow I ended up driving. Some other weird shit happened, involving some of my family members. Neither here nor there.

Before you ask, or think so, I don't have an obsession with Jia. I'm not crushing or anything like that. Not that there'd be anything wrong with that. She's sexy as hell, with some gorgeous eyes and a huge personality. If you're not following her on Twitter, you should be.

We get into North Carolina, and I need to stop for gas. The only pump was inside the place, which kind of resembled a saloon. The problem was, it was one of those old school gas pumps, where the numbers rolled when gas was pumped. The little bell even rang with each gallon I pumped.

Of course, there was no place for a credit card. I only had plastic, no cash. So, Jia ended up writing a check for the amount of the fuel, with a highly embarrassed promise from me, of reimbursement. We continued on, and soon, we were at our destination.

The place looked a bit like an old cabin, but with modern touches. Being that it was late, we’d have to sleep there before making the return trip, in the morning. Jia offered me some wack-looking military-type clothes, since I hadn’t the foresight to bring a change. For reasons unknown to me, she put this huge, floppy, almost-camouflage hat on me. It was so big, it covered my entire head & face. She got a little “kee-kee-kee” out of that.

Jia then showed me to my room. There were two beds. She asked me which one I would like. Me, being the smack-talking smartass, I said, “Whichever one you want me in”. Of course, she gave me a stern “negro please” look. I chose a bed and climbed into it. Now, here’s probably the dumbest part of this dream.

The boxspring was normal size. But, the GOTDAMN MATTRESS only covered ¾ of the boxspring!!! Of course, Jia found this hilarious. The fun soon came to an end. I guess she remembered having to pay for the gas, because her expression turned to stone. She said to me, “I think I’m gonna need you to get your shit and leave”.

I drove, incredulous, back to wherever it was we came from. I was greeted by some people who were apparently relatives. But, I could not recall any of their faces. Couple of them looked like Tito Jackson’s kids.

It was then, that I woke up. I think I said “what the fuck” out loud. It will do you absolutely no good to ask me any rhyme or reason behind any part of this dream. Hell, I didn’t even attempt to try. Just understand that there is NO way I can make this shit up.

Any dream analyzers out there???