Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Twitter Rants (Revisited)

I've been on Twitter for a little over a year now. So, I've pretty much seen it all, as far as that medium goes. I figured it was about time to say what I love and what I don't love about it. I guess I'll start with what I like about it...

The Good

The original intent, SOCIAL networking. I've met great people that I vibe with on Twitter. I've also acquired a couple of friends, in real life. Twitter allows you to get to know people a bit, before physically meeting them.

Accessibility. A lot of celebrities have Twitter accounts. If you're lucky, interesting, or a combination of both, you may find yourself engaged in a conversation with your favorite actor, singer, rapper, athlete, etc.

Then there's info distribution. People on Twitter usually know what's going on in the world, before the rest of the public. It only takes seconds for an event to reach many. You name it, we probably knew about it before those who don't use Twitter.

Phone apps. These allow us to always be able to tweet and stay in touch. We share pics and videos. People share music they want to be heard. You can use Twitter almost like a seminar. You got something you're selling? You already have a group of people to sell it to, and they will spread the word, if they like it. But, you can get roasted really badly, if they don't. So, be careful with that.

If used properly, Twitter is a wondrous tool. However, there are those who misuse it. Twitter is no exception from any other medium with that level of power and potential. So, here are the qualities of Twitter that are not so endearing.

There are a lot of people that believe their popularity is determined by the number of people following them. This could not be further from the truth. I've seen people with thousands of followers (I'll get to how they acquired all those followers in just a sec) that may as well be wet paint. They're about as interesting as watching it dry. Some will do just about anything to get new followers.

Let's touch on that, for a minute.

Attention Whores These are the people that always type in CAPS LOCK, post risque pics/have a nearly naked avatar, etc. Whatever they think they need to do, to get your attention, they pretty much will.

The "Roasters" These people just start going to random people, just to start "beef" with them and make fun of people. It's kind of mean-spirited and most times, causes a "feeding frenzy" of people that join in. Let me just say, if you join in on a gang-roast and you weren't provoked in any way, you are the world's biggest coward, and you suck at life. God is most likely ignoring you.

Groupies They constantly tweet or name-drop celebs to make it look like these are the circles they run in. Or, they're trying to get "famous", via Twitter. They also suck at life.

Then there are the ones that I like to say, "sold their souls to the devil." These are the ones that joined a website that promises to get them huge numbers of followers, so they appear to be popular. Some even PAY MONEY to some of these websites. Are you f*cking kidding me???

I almost forgot, the "beggars." The ones who basically tweet nothing but "follow me!" or "I'll only follow you if you follow me back." How lame does that sound?

There are more offenders I could list, but this entry would go forever. Plus, I'm pretty sure you already have seen such fuckery.

The bottom line is, it can be easy to get numbers. But, to truly get optimum entertainment out of Twitter, you simply just need to engage, and be interesting.

For me, there's more to like about Twitter than there is to dislike. So, I'll stay with it. I would really like to hear your opinions. Make sure you comment. Thanks for riding with me!