Thursday, April 4, 2013

Free Your Mind, And Free Your Ass Too

Today's society conditions us to follow trends. A measure of success in entertainment and social media is to become a Trending Topic on Twitter. What I think that America & possibly the world is losing sight of, is the power of free thinking. If the media tells us something is "hot", we tend to accept that as gospel & follow like the 12 Disciples. We're acolytes.

What ever happened to being discerning? I get that there are leaders & those who need/wish to be led. But, can't you be led & ask where you're being led to? Too many times, I see people led right into ruin because they eagerly consume whatever they are spoon-fed by someone/something.

I'll say this, and some may disagree or get angry with me. If you immediately judge or act, based on information fed to you without completely processing it, you are a sheep. You're being led to slaughter and you're not even kicking, screaming, or asking why. It's perfectly OK to ask a question or two, to validate what you're being told. It's OK to not move in the same direction the crowd is moving in.

But, I get it. It's safe. Path of least resistance. It's the scenario when you're in a crowded place and the crowd starts running in a random direction. We'll run right with them, because it's the safest option. When asked why we were running, we don't know. But, everyone else was running & we were not going to be the one "caught out there". Could we have not broken away & ran in another direction? Maybe we could have found a hiding place, until the coast was clear.

That's "free thinking", kids.

Rapper, Trinidad James is another example. The image is trash. His talent is trash. By his own admission, he hasn't been in the art form very long. If you pay money to see him headline a show, you are part of the punchline and indeed, a sheep. You're consuming what's being served to you. Doesn't matter how it tastes.

I've seen people get attacked on social networking sites, for bullshit to no good reason. One little drop of "blood in the water", and the piranhas swarmed. Sadly, that's all it takes. It's the "lynch mob" mentality. So, go ahead. Wear what "they" tell you to wear. Listen to what "they" tell you to listen to. Eat what "they" tell you to eat. Do a good job of being who "they" want you to be.

I'll be over here, basking in my liberation. And laughing...

Monday, March 25, 2013

New Nigga Syndrome

These days, there are incidents of coonery, fuckery, & just plain dumb shit being reported on our social networks. Some of us even get first-person accounts from acquaintances. The perpetrators of these egregious and sometimes heinous acts have been dubbed "new niggas".

This moniker does not just apply to young, black males. It can be women, Caucasians, anyone of the roughly 18-35 demographic. I'll preface by saying I'm not in that demographic. I have the benefit of experience in the way common sense should be deployed. I'll give you some examples of "new nigga shit."

1. Probably the worst. What's the science behind wearing tight ass skinny jeans, only to "sag" them down to where the back of your legs meet your ass? You're a walking contradiction. Plus, nobody wants to see your nasty draws. You "new nigga chicks" are complicit in this. Why? Because you refuse to tell these fools that shit is wack & keep giving them sex. It's like, if your child does something wrong, you don't reward his bad ass with candy or toys. You punish him. Most of this "new nigga shit" could be avoided, if you women would simply hold these 'tards accountable. It only takes a look & a shake of the head. Throw in a ridiculing giggle & we should be good.

2. Treatment of women. Again, you "women" enable these dummies when you giggle or say "Boy, you're so crazy" after he's called you a "ho" or "bitch". Just because they say it's a joke, doesn't make it so. If I laugh while I shoot somebody in the melon, does that mean I don't have to go to jail? Adjust accordingly.

3. Abuse of technology. Smartphones, mainly iPhones, have a screenshot function. These "new niggas" use this function to expose business that should be private, or to ridicule others that may have had a bad fashion moment in life. If you're a male and have ever done this, not only do you attain the rank of "new nigga", but you also get a "bitch nigga" medal on your uniform. I believe it comes with a pink ribbon.

These are only a few examples. Then, they have the gall to wonder why they can't maintain a healthy relationship. It's simple. "New niggas" & grown people with common sense are simply not compatible. Maybe I'll write the homie, President Obama, and see if we can't get them their own "New Nigga Colony", complete with their own government. Let 'em breed little "new nigglets" and thrive in their own idiotic environment, where they run around, yelling "HAAANNNNNNNN!!!"

My theory on the evolution of the species is as follows. Younger mothers tend to want to be their children's friends, before being a parent. This is a completely ass-backwards approach. These cats are not ready to be men because you arrested their development, by coddling them & giving them too much freedom. You can't let them "be who they are". You have a responsibility to mold & direct them. It's your JOB. Stop being lazy & letting "106 & Park" raise your kids.

Don't get mad at me. I didn't birth these kids...

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Survival Of The Fittest: Play Or Get Played

Black love has shown to be a very beautiful thing. I've had it. I've lost it. So, I know how wonderful it can be. But, I also know how ugly it can get. It can be a power struggle, trade-offs of disrespect, cheating, people purposely attempting to "take" each other's men or women. Simply put, we must do better.

It's like you constantly have to be on guard for what your significant other might do. I'm not sure how people are learning what love is. But, it's not supposed to be that way. Your mate should be the last one you have to worry about stabbing you in the back. They're supposed to be the one person you can go to when everything in your world is going wrong.

It seems like the women use cheating, or the threat of, to gain "control" over her man. The men use the same, plus material things to gain their control. We've got the whole thing wrong, people. I'm not saying that no one has a pure, good-intentioned relationship. I just see too many tenuous ones, based on the aforementioned negative factors.

Black folks are the 1st ones to scream "DON'T DISRESPECT ME". Yet, we do the most disrespectful shit. Granted, you can't "take" someone who doesn't want to be taken. But, we intentionally try to do it, not even knowing if the object of our desire is in a position to be taken. If a woman I fancy is in a relationship & appears happy, I don't mess with it. There are too many good, single women out here. Even if she's not happy, I let that relationship run its course before even thinking about approaching her.

Being of "grown ass man" status, I am loyal. No need for me to cheat. If I'm not feeling you, I'll just make a decision to be single. It's too much damn work to come up with lies and then have to scramble to cover those lies. I press the "Easy" button & simply stay faithful.

I'm not going to give you my theses on the "divide and conquer" or "crabs in a barrel" mentalities. But, I imagine you get the picture. Will this little blog entry stop the BS? No. Hell no. Hopefully, it will give some of you something to think about, next time you go to do some disrespectful shit though.

It's simple. All we have to do is love and be loved. But, that isn't enough for a lot of you. Damn shame too.

Game Changer Alert: Rebel Rose

I think most of us can agree that the r&b/hip-hop music scene has grown a little stagnant. Personally, I detest swag/trap music. Personal opinion aside, I had to share a sort of "discovery" with you. Being the host/executive producer of AudioSpazz Radio, I get a lot of music submissions from independent artists, who are trying to get their music heard. AudioSpazz provides that venue.

It was brought to my attention that a guy that I work my "9 to 5" with, was looking to speak to me about getting his music on the show. I met with this man, not really too enthusiastic about what he would present. A lot of the submissions I get are over-produced, lyrically subpar efforts. But, I'll never be too presumptious as not to give a listen. So, he gave me 2 songs. He was rocking braids and was a little soft-spoken, as if he was nervous. As a result, I half-expected a weak, "local" sounding hip-hop offering. Boy, was I wrong!

What hit my ears & damn near shorted out my brain, was a sound I never really heard before. The songs were very well-produced, had driving rhythms and live, screaming guitars. With a screen name like "ThugRockStar", you know I was sold. I immediately let this guy know that what he was doing has "legs". It's fresh and highly marketable. I asked him his "artist name" & he told me "Rebel Rose". His musical style belies his personality. The vocals are rich and pronounced, laid over a hybrid of hard-hitting beats, and razor-sharp guitar riffs he likes to call "Rock Hop Soul".

Rebel Rose told me about a project he was working on, and was very excited about. It involved a sample of a Jay-Z lyric as the hook. When he told me the concept, I got excited as well because I saw the potential. "Bad Girl" is a salute to the women who have all together. It was a great song, to begin with. However, the song was brought to the attention of Violator Management's Dave Lighty. Long story short, the song was presented to rapper, Pusha T, of The Clipse. Pusha dug the song and contributed a verse. "Bad Girl" was redone, and is an even stronger piece. Point blank, this song is a hit. A movement is quietly building. Rose calls it "The Rebelation" and it is near.

You can check "Bad Girl" out at Let me know what you think in the comments, or you can hit up Rebel Rose on Twitter, @RebelRose2020. He's also on Facebook at Rebel J Rose. Better do it now. I have a feeling his time is going to be at a premium...