Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Game Changer Alert: Rebel Rose

I think most of us can agree that the r&b/hip-hop music scene has grown a little stagnant. Personally, I detest swag/trap music. Personal opinion aside, I had to share a sort of "discovery" with you. Being the host/executive producer of AudioSpazz Radio, I get a lot of music submissions from independent artists, who are trying to get their music heard. AudioSpazz provides that venue.

It was brought to my attention that a guy that I work my "9 to 5" with, was looking to speak to me about getting his music on the show. I met with this man, not really too enthusiastic about what he would present. A lot of the submissions I get are over-produced, lyrically subpar efforts. But, I'll never be too presumptious as not to give a listen. So, he gave me 2 songs. He was rocking braids and was a little soft-spoken, as if he was nervous. As a result, I half-expected a weak, "local" sounding hip-hop offering. Boy, was I wrong!

What hit my ears & damn near shorted out my brain, was a sound I never really heard before. The songs were very well-produced, had driving rhythms and live, screaming guitars. With a screen name like "ThugRockStar", you know I was sold. I immediately let this guy know that what he was doing has "legs". It's fresh and highly marketable. I asked him his "artist name" & he told me "Rebel Rose". His musical style belies his personality. The vocals are rich and pronounced, laid over a hybrid of hard-hitting beats, and razor-sharp guitar riffs he likes to call "Rock Hop Soul".

Rebel Rose told me about a project he was working on, and was very excited about. It involved a sample of a Jay-Z lyric as the hook. When he told me the concept, I got excited as well because I saw the potential. "Bad Girl" is a salute to the women who have all together. It was a great song, to begin with. However, the song was brought to the attention of Violator Management's Dave Lighty. Long story short, the song was presented to rapper, Pusha T, of The Clipse. Pusha dug the song and contributed a verse. "Bad Girl" was redone, and is an even stronger piece. Point blank, this song is a hit. A movement is quietly building. Rose calls it "The Rebelation" and it is near.

You can check "Bad Girl" out at Let me know what you think in the comments, or you can hit up Rebel Rose on Twitter, @RebelRose2020. He's also on Facebook at Rebel J Rose. Better do it now. I have a feeling his time is going to be at a premium...

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  1. Rebel Rose and Pusha T totally dsetroy the track. The song is hot!