Thursday, April 4, 2013

Free Your Mind, And Free Your Ass Too

Today's society conditions us to follow trends. A measure of success in entertainment and social media is to become a Trending Topic on Twitter. What I think that America & possibly the world is losing sight of, is the power of free thinking. If the media tells us something is "hot", we tend to accept that as gospel & follow like the 12 Disciples. We're acolytes.

What ever happened to being discerning? I get that there are leaders & those who need/wish to be led. But, can't you be led & ask where you're being led to? Too many times, I see people led right into ruin because they eagerly consume whatever they are spoon-fed by someone/something.

I'll say this, and some may disagree or get angry with me. If you immediately judge or act, based on information fed to you without completely processing it, you are a sheep. You're being led to slaughter and you're not even kicking, screaming, or asking why. It's perfectly OK to ask a question or two, to validate what you're being told. It's OK to not move in the same direction the crowd is moving in.

But, I get it. It's safe. Path of least resistance. It's the scenario when you're in a crowded place and the crowd starts running in a random direction. We'll run right with them, because it's the safest option. When asked why we were running, we don't know. But, everyone else was running & we were not going to be the one "caught out there". Could we have not broken away & ran in another direction? Maybe we could have found a hiding place, until the coast was clear.

That's "free thinking", kids.

Rapper, Trinidad James is another example. The image is trash. His talent is trash. By his own admission, he hasn't been in the art form very long. If you pay money to see him headline a show, you are part of the punchline and indeed, a sheep. You're consuming what's being served to you. Doesn't matter how it tastes.

I've seen people get attacked on social networking sites, for bullshit to no good reason. One little drop of "blood in the water", and the piranhas swarmed. Sadly, that's all it takes. It's the "lynch mob" mentality. So, go ahead. Wear what "they" tell you to wear. Listen to what "they" tell you to listen to. Eat what "they" tell you to eat. Do a good job of being who "they" want you to be.

I'll be over here, basking in my liberation. And laughing...